Neverwinter Underdark

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have spilled some details for the next Neverwinter expansion, Underdark, giving us just the barest hint of what’s to come and teasing us with a laundry list of features to be covered in future blog posts. That’s a neutral evil move if ever there was one…

Underdark will feature a new campaign, new Stronghold plot location and PvP tower, a large-scale battle against the demon prince Demogorgon, and more. As for basic quests, they’ll be written by legendary D&D author R.A. Salvatore, giving you a reason to actually stop and read the text for once.

The dev team is also mixing up repeatable content by introducing some variability in fights, so as to make them more about reading and reacting and less about “muscle memory.” Additionally, rewards for repeatable content will increase as players get better at them. The pessimist in me could say it sounds like “grind more,” but I’ll wait for those other dev blogs to lay down my (lawful neutral) judgment.


  1. Extreme pay2win garbage, grindy daily quests, small community, crappy devs that have no idea about balance. Perfect World – that is all.

  2. asian poop,sh it skill system, classes are pretty same just with different skill animation, there is no ranged classes, mage is medium rang melee like every other class, pure poop wih ugly pokemon faces like in any asian cra p


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