Destiny 2 Is Brining Mighty Changes To Weapons Including Airborne Effectiveness And A New Nerf Gun Collaboration

Players will need to complete in-game tasks if they want this limited time NERF weapon.

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Destiny Nerf Gun

Bungie is finally tuning up some of their weapons and fixing airborne effectiveness. Christ Proctor, the senior design lead, mentioned that after some playtests, the team had decided to bring some of the changes into an earlier release. “We expect these changes to shift the PvP meta a little for the month or so before Season 18 launches, and we have another set of changes coming then (smaller of course since we moved some of them to Solstice).”

To put things simply, AE’s baseline has been improved for better accuracy and aim-assists for all primary weapons as well as raised the base AE stat on several Exotic weapons. Pellet shotgun damage has been increased in PVE and some underperforming Primary weapon subfamilies have been tuned up in PvP.

Then, while the team was cautious about making weapons too easy while airborne for the Season 17 launch, after much evaluation the team is confident that they can significantly decrease the airborne accuracy and aim-asset penalties on Primary weapons.

In other weapon news, Bungie’s Gjallarhorn has come to life through NERF. It was no easy task, and it took a lot of team members' ideas and patience to make everything come together, but the end result was definitely worth it. The ornate detail alone is enough to set this gun apart and to any die-hard Destiny fan, this is probably a must have to add to the collection. How does one go about obtaining the blaster along with its perfectly packaged box?

Well, through the Bungie Rewards program. The special Early Access Window to the Bungie Rewards pre-order offer will be starting on July 7, at 10 a.m. PT. For more information on how to obtain this amazing NERF Blaster, please check out the official post here, and as for players who are still looking to learn more about all the changes coming this week at bungie, that can be found in their weekly blog post.

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