The Prophecy dungeon has been in Destiny 2 for a few weeks now, so Bungie felt like it was time to take players behind the scenes and give them some insight into how it was made. A blog post and livestream video detail the process, from the mouths and keyboards of several members of the design team.

In the blog post, World Lead Andrew Hopps and Senior Designer Brendan Thorne both evoked Bob Ross in calling their perspective-based prototype a “happy accident” when it was eventually implemented in the final design. D2’s dungeon design mimics a formula found in many other MMOs, with the concept of layering mechanics throughout the dungeon so that “by the time you get to the final boss you should understand exactly how this fight is going to play out.”

Art design and direction also unsurprisingly play a role in the look and feel of a dungeon. In one battle, where players are standing — in the light or the darkness — when they kill enemies matters, and the “progression from soft to hard to angular shapes as you traverse the Dungeon” also helped the whole experience come together. The end result was described as an “art-driven dungeon that doubles down on the Destiny 2 brand of geometry space as gameplay.” Destiny 2 is one of the prettiest games out there, in my opinion, so it makes sense that the team would spend a significant amount of effort making sure everything looked as good as it played.

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