Destiny 2 Looks To Change The PvE Meta With Season 20 Weapons Update

Bungie unleashes the nerf bat on the current Destiny 2 meta.

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By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

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Destiny 2's Season 19 update saw several PvP focused balance changes to the game, and now Season 20 is looking to do the same on the PvE side.

For starters, the red reticle when hovering over enemies is finally coming to PC. In the future, Bungie plan on making the color customizable. It's a change they've been wanting to bring to all platforms. Along side this change, hip fire reticles should start showing more information in Season 20.

The juicy bit is about Linear Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2, as they have outperformed all other heavy weapons for quite some time. Bungie is targeting the weapons with a 15% nerf vs champions, mini-bosses, bosses, and vehicles. Bungie says that Sleeper Stimulant and Queenbreaker are unaffected by these nerfs. Machine guns on the other hand are getting around a 10% buff for time to kill on a Guardian with tier 6 resilience and a reserve ammo increase of 50% at 0 inventory stat, and 20% at 100 inventory stat.

There are also tweaks to the Heavy Grenade Launcher, Shotguns, Kinetic Weapons, and some Exotics that you can check out in the full breakdown.

These changes are obviously geared toward closing the gap between Linear Fusion Rifles and other heavy weapons, making other choices more viable in PvE. We all know players don't care much for change, so whether or not these changes are enough to shake up the meta remains to be seen.

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