Destroy Your Enemies In Fortnite By Dropping Trash (And Dinosaurs) On Them


Fortnite‘s latest update is going to let you take out the trash with, well… trash. The game’s latest update adds a new “junk rift” mechanic that allows players to open up a rift and drop junk on their opponents — and some dinosaurs.

Obviously, having a ton of garbage and other items dropped on them won’t leave players feeling incredibly great, but that’s to be expected.

The rift also drops consumables, but they might be a “use at your own risk” kind of thing. These new glitched consumables are forged items that keep turning into other forged items.

Basically, players are rolling the dice here. But, hey, good can come out of chaos, right?

The update also includes some new prefabs and galleries for creative mode — and for those of you playing Save the World, there’s a new rocket launcher as well. Details on these are available in the patch notes.



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