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If you're in the west you may not know a whole lot about Devilian Online. Developed by Bluehole Ginno and being published in the West by Trion Worlds later this year, Devilian Online is kind of a mix between a Diablo type game and a traditional MMO. The free to play title features an open world, a dungeon queue system, Rift like rift events, and more.

If you missed Friday's live stream from the Devilian team and are interested in the game, it's certainly worth a watch. Not only does the team take you through an example dungeon (there are solo dungeons and group dungeons), but lots of other basic questions are answered as the stream unfolds. Movement will be either mouse click or WASD movement (player chooses), pets are not combat pets but offer perks like looting and selling items from the field or buffs, the camera is not locked to isometric but can also be dropped to a more 3rd person view, and more.

There's a lot of information presented on the actual Devilian form that players can turn into once their Devilian meter is full. There will be no cash shop type items that allows players to always remain in Devilian form. All players will have to learn how/when to use this limited ability and you'll actually be leveling both your character and your Devilian form. Both even have their own skill progression and gear. In PvP, however, all players are always in Devilian form.

Auction houses, daily challenges, and gear stat questions are also answered.

The team also pokes fun of getting chests in game that require a cash shop key to open and say they hate that mechanism and will not have it in Devilian Online. Loot on your screen is yours to take, there's no "Need before Greed" feature, if it drops on your screen, it's yours.

Be sure to check out the latest lore and class reveals as well when you sign up for beta on the Devilian Online website.

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Drago 8 years ago
Sorry but after AA I'm staying well clear..

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omg not Trion again :((((((((((((((((

LolArcheage 8 years ago
So since they're showing content, expect it to be removed from the game ;_; #triondabest

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watched steparus gameplay of this game he gave a mediocre score

TORK 8 years ago

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