A new, massive PvP event has landed in Devilian, taking place every Thursday and Sunday. “Terror from the Depths” is a 40 to 120 player battle zone, allowing for up to 60 players on both sides — Bolton or Heimdas. During these events, players will fight to earn points and kill bosses; either as attackers trying to destroy a Guardian Tower at the middle of the map, or as defenders trying to protect it.

Play will kick off when at least 40 people have entered the staging ground and when it’s over, participants will be rewarded in a variety of ways. Players can earn goodies for participation and class contribution. The player with the highest contribution in the winning team will be given a Legacy Reward.

  • Participation: All players earn gold, experience, and Devil Soul from participating in the Terror from the Depths event. Members of the winning team will receive more.
  • Class Contribution: The top 10 performers per class receive rewards including Devilian enchanting materials and Devilian gear.
  • Legacy Reward: The player with the highest contribution from the winning team is announced via system message to the server and rewarded a Devilian weapon and Necklace, there is a small chance to earn Heroic Devilian gear from the legacy reward.

More information on Terror from the Depths can be found on the Devilian blog.

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