Playable Worlds Working On MMO, Partnering Up With Didimo Using Popul8 Character Generation Platform

It leverages AI-powered technology to streamline game production processes.

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Popul8™ Tech Demo

Didimo and Playable Worlds have teamed up.

The 3D character creation technology provider and multiverse game studio have announced a partnership through Didimo's Popul8™ platform that aims to enhance future game development endeavors. Popul8, launched last year, leverages patented AI-powered technology to streamline game production processes by enabling developers and artists to rapidly generate, edit, manage, and integrate thousands of uniquely diverse characters into games.

For developers, Popul8 offers a more efficient and cost-effective character creation process, freeing up artists' time to focus on crafting premium characters while automating mundane tasks. This results in significant time and resource savings, according to Didimo and Playable Worlds. The platform also enhances immersion and gameplay through enriching game environments with a multitude of distinct characters that contributes to greater diversity and realism.

Playable Worlds, Inc. CEO Ralph Koster said: "We are delighted that Popul8 has such flexible character customization that helps our character artists deliver their magic faster. This will help every player find a way to express who they want to be. Our goal is to enable players to create the full range of unique virtual identities a modern MMO requires."

Playable Worlds is currently developing an MMO using cloud computing-native world simulation and advanced technical architecture. The studio aims to overcome traditional limitations of the genre, offering players unparalleled levels of interactivity and customization. By integrating Didimo's Popul8 technology, Playable Worlds seeks to elevate character customization options within its game.

Didimo CEO Veronica Orvalho said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Playable Worlds in bringing their new game to life. Seeing the amazing game worlds that are possible using characters designed using Popul8 is so inspiring as we continue to refine and innovate to not only meet the changing needs of developers but also the hopes and expectations of players.”

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