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When you get right down to it, Warframe is a pretty unusual title. While there are plenty of free-to-play MMOs with a PvE bent, few are as focused as Warframe. While other elements have been added over the years, its focus on PvE “dungeon grinding” have made it a favorite for gamers interested in a certain kind of experience.

But its unique nature made it hard for Digital Extremes to attract attention from publishers during the game’s development. That’s the crux of a recent interview with Digital Extreme’s Vice President of Publishing Meredith Braun over on VentureBeat. While DE conceived of Warframe 10 years ago — and even produced a similar game, Dark Sector, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 — it couldn’t find anyone willing to take a chance on what seemed like an impossible vision.

“They told us the game would fail because it was PVE [player-vs.-environment] and it was too sci-fi. No one was going to get it. To survive in free-to-play land, they claimed, you needed to be first and foremost a [competitive] PVP game, and you needed to have some sort of relatable premise, which wasn’t science fiction. At that point, we decided, well, we’re going to do this on our own. No one’s going to talk us out of this again.”

And “do it on our own” they did, though there were some rough points along the way. I haven’t followed Warframe from day one, so I was surprised to learn that, at first, it had a payment model similar to many PvE titles: progress for free up to a point, and then pay to continue. As Braun put it, the community “brought out the pitchforks” and DE removed that limitation.

Of course, when you remove the paywall, nobody pays for anything and the game fails. That’s why so many F2P games, especially PvE ones, do it. It’s the only way they can pay the bills.

“We tracked what happened, and — lo and behold — it made almost no difference in how they were paying. In fact, the less aggressive reach for money turned out to be the best way to go.”

Oh. It’s almost as if people really don’t like pay walls. Who could have predicted that? In truth, DE’s approach sounds a lot like what competitive PvP games do, but with a PvE focus. It’s similar to something I suggested could work, and Warframe seems to be proof that that’s the case.

The publishing industry as a whole resists that notion, as it did DE’s attempt to produce a F2P, non-PvP game in the first place. And a game like Warframe is a far cry from a full-featured MMORPG, but maybe Warframe’s success will give an enterprising developer the inspiration needed to usher in a new, more enlightened, age of free-to-play gaming.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. Oh Warframe…why did you have to put shitty children piloting the warframes story?

    i would still be playing if it wast for that shitty storyline…at least its good to know they are having sucess

    • That’s what I’ve said all my life blue but not alot of people do it sadly. It’s also why I left AQWorlds reguardless what my friends said defending their corrupt greedy ways. They aren’t my friends anymore sadly but at least my dreams are coming true while they waste their life on a crappy broken browser game that is heavily paid 2 win.

  2. first few hours i played wf i thought damn noob game, then some players told me how the game works, every thing i own ingame i did myself by grinding, why should i spend real money if i can make the currency ingame quiet easly, i case your wondering i got 90% of the game items. warframe unlocked a pro-trader in me hehe.

    never been such a fan of fps (normaly i suck at that), but the hack and slash aspect of the game is just awesome. Who needs a gun and bullets if you got stealth and a shiny blade;)

  3. Innovative game i love it, i love it because pve, i not play pvp its suck(should be removed with archwing missions and raids, almost no one play that, devs only wasting time improving and fixing these super boring game modes), game lack of new content all the time, half year you can play something else till new content comes, then after month of enjoying new content you can quit for half year again and repeat, thats for endgamers, anyway most of players right now endgamers, leveling is so fast then it was at the beginning.Make game harder and leveling 10x slower then most of people will have game to play with existing content.

    • I would say that they should improve the map system making them more changeble ( from simple mode to archwing mode), which should add the gameplay process much interesting and innovative

  4. I played Warframe for 7-8 hours non-stop then I was so bored out of my head I uninstalled it and never looked back. It’s just the same old same old.

  5. One of the best Free-to-Play game if not the best,its fun you can get all the weapons all the warframes just playing the game.It is very grind based but i always loved that.If you want to be a space ninja with heavy weapon,lasers,guns,snipers,swords small or big a command an arsenal of warframe and combat pets join your fellow tenno. This game is not for every one it will take time to learn the ropes but you will get there in time and the community and lutes will help.Join Us Tenno

  6. I really dislike all the cash shops and micro transactions. Maybe if the MMOs would lighten up on that I might give the MMO genre another chance but for now I’m staying away from the MMO genre.

    • Ok so warframe has a cash shop that uses “platinum” to buy weapon if you don’t want to grind butt you can get platinum for free just by selling weapons parts that you can farm.I did not pay real money at the starts and i got all i wanted just by farming and selling weapons and in the end i did donate but not cuz i needed something i donate to suport the game i love.

      • Also warframe isn’t my thing Idc if I’m hated people been hating me for it anyway. But it’s not my thing. But the cash shops and micro currency is a good money grabber them but it’s bad for my wallet.

    • If anything, Warframe is nothing like other MMOs in terms of premium items. While it’s true that the market is a large part of the game, the difference lies in the fact that it’s premium currency can be earned; most other games don’t allow this. This means that you can play the game without spending a single cent (with the only exception being Steam cosmetics, as they’re items designed by creators/fans on Steam).


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