Splash Damage’s upcoming FPS Dirty Bomb has transitioned to a closed alpha phase which has me utterly confused as to what the difference between closed alpha and open alpha even is. If I had to take a guess, I would imagine it’s the new term used for when developers take an alpha build out of just internal testing. It could also be a marketing term for “we don’t want to pay real Q/A testers”. Regardless, if players want in on the “closed alpha” they have to pay $120 for immediate access. WAIT WHAT!? Of course these things come with extra goodies, but still 120 dollars!? I better be able to put this down as Q/A experience on my resume for that price. Mind you that is the lowest tier that gives you immediate access. THE LOWEST!

Of course when games enter into any sort of testing phase they usually get a trailer and Dirty Bomb is no exception. The trailer highlights a new map tuning utility the team uses called Echo, which allows them to monitor where the action happens and tweak level design based on that feedback. While cool to watch I am fairly certain the tech behind this utility is something most serious FPS developers already have. If games continue to allow players in earlier and earlier, pretty soon we will have trailers talking about how awesome “closed early development access” is and how we should totally pay $500 for it. At that point I am pretty sure we hit Kickstarter pledge territory.

Gun Recoil is still notably absent in Dirty Bomb, but that’s ok because its “closed alpha” guys!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. They are working hard on this free to play modeled game. If they give something a little extra on that 120. I’d pay without giving a second thought. That’s game quality right there.

  2. This is exactly what I was afraid of. The next step that is now missing in the news is … SomeGame offers instant access to closed pre-alpha for $240 …few months later… SomeGame shut down, no refund. Soon things will get worse, just wait.

  3. so there was a time when game testers job was payd, companies said “screw it” and now testers hawe to pay to companies … 😀 interesting world we live in

    • There was 1 awhile back but it died! I don;t know if that was IjjI’s doing or something else..game was not that bad ..but i think it is gone…

      Huxley…† R.I.P


  4. Just another good looking FPS, Who give’s a shit any more how many head shots u have. Get with the program & be creative WE NEED BORDERLANDS ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would pay for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ve heard of it before now…still not paying that cash, though. >_>

      >Anon no one has heard of.
      >Expects us to care what he thinks.

      Hahahahahahaha ah good luck with that…dumbass.

      • DUUUUUUUUDEEEE STOP DICK RIDING THE COMPANY! All you did was comment your stupid trashy opinions. No one cares. All you did was Dick Ride Splash Games or whatever the hell they are called. Literally shut up no one cares. Sorry to be mean but literally it’s getting irritating reading down the comments seeing your useless piece of shit comments. Grow up, get a life! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Oh btw…. Hahahahahahahha ah good luck with getting respected… dumbass.

  5. What can i really say !

    Just yesterday i commented to some one that i searched for games to get into alpha for those were the real time’s when bug’s and glitches were tested for… By the looks of it ..Not Any More..

    I am truely confused..

    The past 2 days of seeing nothing but foundry’s that are horribly priced for the Normal Family Gamer… The gamer that just moved into his First Apt/Home working a minimum wage job.

    I know it’s news but it is sickening news… I tink the reason why FireFall 1 year of CBT and will probably stay that way for another 6 month’s is because Gamer’s are Paying that 20$ to get in.. once they stop.. Maybe when the cash flow slows ..than it will launch..

    If i keep seeing this on every site , and getting worse and worse and the most crappyiest looking game’s such as Starlight Story is all we will ever get unless we pay… I really Pray that P2P comes back Full swing for AAA title’s.

    If not , or if nothing changes… by 2014 i will be done with F2P forever… The more Gamers keep buying these Beta …Now alpha testing bundle’s …They will Never open for a few years till the money from those Run’s Dry..

    DaZeD & CoNfUsEd


  6. should sell this echo program to FPS devs like CoD, BF, instead of just one game. You might make a profit out of that. Not many people are gonna dish out $120 for balanced play. have you heard of pay2win?

  7. first pwe and neverwinter now dirty bomb mhe i am seriosuly starting to lose faith on companies these days i mean even if it was 10 dollars or 20 dollars i would never personally pay for an UNFINISHED game i bet some people would cause you know meh 10 dollars?sure 10 dollars is nothing but 120 dollars?or 200 dollars?(neverwinter)where u people live?in mars?lmao sad but makes me laugh at the same time

    • i would like to add is this going to be fp2 when reelased?cause i am thinking of tryin it seems like a good game overall and i dont wanna judge it quickly like some above me did just from a couple of videos and just because its at the “testing” stage(which means what we see might mostly or completely change)so i just wanna be sure what is its model is it f2p b2p p2p or its not sure yet?Thanks

  8. not sure why people are getting butthurt…if you dont like the price dont pay…dont go on about how developers shouldnt do this or that cuz as long as it makes them money why not do it?(as long as its not adding paytowin buffs or items to paying players) Look at CoD they release patchs and call it new games yet people still buy it every time.

  9. the game looks interesting, made by the ones behind Wolfenstein Enemy Territory… so they are cool and stuff

    bt wtf? $120?! what the ****** is going on with those packs nowadays?

    please people, DO NOT buy any more founder pack, early access or anything like that… DO NOT pay or this policy will become more and more popular, they CAN’T do that to us, this is getting ridiculous

    soon they will offer an open beta key for $1000, but it is for early access guys… for 120 dollars I better receive a full auto real life M4 carbine with silencer, because no game is worth that much

    • Agreed. I was rank 7 on the top Jaymod server for a few years, love Splash, and even _I_ think it’s insane.

      But Splash has lots of rich friends, and they NEED to make another class shooter like Enemy Territory.

  10. If they think a soul is even going to pay that much money they have another thing coming. I could get 4 new games for that or even more on steam.

    • Someone will …F2P cast ep.2… 39:00 listen to that for 1 minute… and that will tell you who would pay.. I remember details like!


  11. Would be more interested in knowing what will be so good about their game rather than some cheap chat about issues and that they must balance e.g the maps, themselves.

    From watching the vids it just looks like a modern day version of BLR (I know it’s just alpha footage but surely they could show something that stands out…..)

  12. i think and hope that alpha test will be those greedy idiots omega test also!! good luck on finding most stupid ppl to pay to test it since theres stupids who pay for founders pachs of betas 😉

  13. As good as this game looks. The alpha test is more like a kickstarter campaign, or just a ‘we eat money so can you pay for this unfinished game that you don’t even know how it’s going to finish like!’

    • Not that anyone cares, since it’s so empowering to flail and bitch *eyeroll*

      But Splash Damage doesn’t put out shitty F2P games. They work with ID Software mostly, and have made some of the best games I’ve ever played. THEY INVENTED the paradigm for class shooters, and they have greatness in them.

      STILL, paying for alpha? I won’t, and I’m a 10-year veteran of Enemy Territory ++ Quake Wars…about as in love with Splash as it gets.

  14. Good luck getting people to pay that. The alpha should be a time to test the game not pay for the game you have no idea about.

  15. Good luck getting people to pay that. The alpha should be a time to test the game not pay for the game you have no idea about.

  16. Holy crap on a cracker !

    How are these developers getting away with this recently ?! Making money from a game is not complete and persuading people to buy their way into giving feedback for it ?

      • judging from the trailer, it’s another one of those “Fast Paced” FPSs that are a dime a dozen. And paying $120 for one that does very little to stand out is absurd.

        • I think it’s absurd paying $120 for a closed alpha too but you can’t say the game is crap just from watching the trailer and short gameplay!

          • Look at it! If there was anything worth checking out in this game, do you honestly think they would have kept it in the shadow and not put it into the trailer? It’s just another boring shooter. If they add in the parkour from brink in there, and the game types, this would be amazing, but they haven’t. We’ve already seen this before! Hundreds of times! I’m not one to be cynical and want everything to fail and go bankrupt, but if the game has nothing original about it how can you expect people not be mad at it, what’s more, paying $120 to play an unfinished version of it. Oh and by the way, that name of yours suits you so well.

          • dude, you’re obviously on of the most naïve gamers, or just on who began not long ago. a trailer tells a whole lot aout a game (what type of game, gameplay, graphics ect.). you shouldn’t post comment on a website made especially for gamers, the free to play kind, those are able to predict a games future by seeing it’s trailer, so think before you post.

          • I don’t think anyone from that company came to your house with a knife telling you to pay for it or else. Crtitisium, is totally acceptable though. Don’t got the left over dough? Don’t pay?

          • Evil, it’s not about the amount of money, I’ll be more then proud to pay $120 for a game like Star Citizen. It’s about the game itself being boring and generic. Look at Bullet run, that game had way more originality than this, and it was shut down in 6 months. How long do you think this will run?

        • If people had done ANY research, they would know this is by Splash Damage 😀

          They made Enemy Territory, the most successful free shooter in history!!!!!!!


          (except brink sucked ass)

          • Kimwer, where does it say in those two words that slash damage most successful game was ET? People like you should refrain from typing, this isn’t your typical forum where you can bash on people, be completely wrong and get away with it. Gtfo.

          • @Eviil he said if you did any research, you would know this was made by Splash Damage. read EE’s comment, read my comment, read the two first words of this article, if you can read at all that is. I was implying that it doesn’t take research to find out that this was made by splash damage, as the 2 first words of the article were splash and damage. Learn to read.

      • You know what’s really idiotic? Paying the equivalent of two new games just for early access to a game you know nothing about that is likely to be F2P anyway.

    • Really you are Dumb with the D so big that even aliens could know that!
      First of all this is the game’s closed alpha state and when other games tend to invite only close people to test it,SD desided to let people help them develop this game and as a gift they will have the chance to play this game and more!It is not a BETA it iss an Alpha and SD doesnt makes you pay for this game in order to play it!You can wait for its closed BETA to apply for a chance to play it or even wait for its open BETA stage!Also if you want to play the final product,wait for its release!
      To sum up,this is its ALPHA stage,you dont have to pay in order to play this game,but you have to pay if you dont want to wait,and finally dont like it,dont buy it end of conversation!
      PS this game is really fun and it deserve to buy even its 30$ package and play it!I am playing this game and I can say to you that SD really cares about its game!


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