New maps and characters are on their way to District 187: Sin Streets in the game’s largest update since launch. The update packs in three new maps called Chem Lab, One Hope Clinic, and Underground. Underground will have players moving in tight underground pathways with long stretches of no cover other then structural pillars to hide behind. In stark contrast to Underground, One Hope Clinic pits players against each other in an actual hospital where the cover comes in the form of hospital beds.

Red blood also made its way into the game. While that may not seem very not worthy in itself you should note that blood was always in the game, however it was white. Whether this secretly meant District 187 characters were instead some alternate humans in some cross dimension plane where blood is normally white, we may never know.

In addition to the new maps and red blood; District 187 also added 10 new weapons and two unique characters called Jackson and Lawrence who are apparently twins gone somewhat admittedly cliched separate paths. Unfortunately these characters are only unlockable through the cash shop. They do however at least also provide XP and Gold Boosts.

You can check out the new screens below.

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  1. i agree with ioulios and ugurano comment… Not about that games is a total sh!t or crap but the region blocked… 5 months ago this games if F2P Globally ( International = All people from around the world can join ), i have play it for 3 month testing CBT and have some friend works as Gm of the games, my friend tell me they( company who hold the games ) gonna do region block becoz they wanna focus the games on NA/SA and EU only for more player to join their server but what they did is backstab them… My friend who works with them say before region block there were 3000 player on the server and rising but after region block players can be count to 1000 or less players… Less player mean few server, what an idiot method to do region blocking… they did the region block at the time Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Triple AAA games came out, which idiot dunno how to manage about marketing their own games…

    After that, i summit report and complaint but what did they say, they say their server only focus on NA/SA and EU only… The Global CBT was only to test their server, what? they think Asian country got crappy internet… Asian is the largest money grubbing can America get by promoting their games,beside all great mmofps and mmorpg came from Asian especially South Korea…

    Serve them right if their server shut down and i hoping Garena will buy that games…

  2. When i played this game well… This game reminds me of COD without the special powers. People, working alone to get their own hidden agenda’s whether its high kills or a good K/D ratio, no team or squad feel, no working together, just a normal everyday F2P FPS. Like all F2P FPS games it has its bad sides and good sides, oddly enough people play it for 30 minutes to a week and say they have seen it all. I’ve played A.V.A for 200+ hours and i still get surprised with new things i discover in the game, whether its a gun that works a split second better when moving with less recoil or something like that…
    If you like FPS games, give it your own tests and if you don’t like it then you don’t like it. Combat arms was huge 2 years ago especially around my area but i couldn’t stand it, something about hit markers that pissed me off, so i found that game wasn’t for me. This game too isn’t for me but that’s not to say, like combat arms, this game won’t work for others. I’ll just stick to my CS:GO and planetside 2 for now.

  3. To the People who say that this game is awesome or good, I’ve Tried this game for over a week and I was really disappointed of it .. So, I would rather say that this game “SUX” Big time !!!!

  4. seeing that Chivalry Medieval Warfare got free weekend on steam, I tried it and it looks like it would be type of game that has to be free to play. What do you think Magicman, will it ever go free to play?

  5. moving in tight underground pathways with long stretches of no cover other then structural pillars to hide behind. – LOL that is all the maps…

  6. I tried it for a good bit and i must admit it was pretty fun and simple like Zhao said, the guns are what they are though and even a person with a regular AR in that game can still land some pretty decent shots if they time and position it right. On another hand the only problem is the servers where people get mixed up and jump onto a server that is usually not suitable for them to join but, it’s not all that bad because there are people that go to different servers to meet new people or to find that bigger fish to fight against. I know being an eastern american player on BLR i like to casually jump to western servers just to see who is on and score a few rounds there to see how the skill match is differential. I hope the game don’t die because it gives lets say more unfortunate players that can’t afford high-end PC’s to try a FPS that isn’t that very demanding and still enjoy the entertainment they want created out of an FPS. If we are going to always debate about the nothing new nothing specials then releases in the future would always seem disappointing but, you have to try it before you deny it :)…

    • HEre is an example to all you fail commenters that think Zhao has information. “simple fun” ahahaha…SHUT UP. Ok, here is the facts. The game boasts two sided gun play on a rent-upgrade gun feature. It boasts basic hallway maps etc.
      Here is a list of games EXACTLY like it:
      Sudden Attack – Army Rage – Soldier Front – Combat arms – Cross fire – Black shot – etc…ETC…ETC…
      All of those play as fast shooters, you log in, run down a hall way, whoever shoots first wins. All of these, if you like this brainless smuk, are the same smuky ‘fun’. So why not compare, and show EXACT RIP OFFS from these games instead of misleading people and telling them: ‘”(doesn’t matter if i lose or win)and recover than 1.600 in game gold i gave for the weapon i usually play more than 3 matches though so i make more the weapons aren’t imbalanced at all its just that the starting weapons”
      That is all false and makes ZERO SENSE. How can a game not be unblanaced except for its starting weapons? That means it is unbalanced until you rent or buy a gun. DERP!
      You can then say “In Army rage the guns are not rented and a better game”.
      – BECAUSE ARMY RAGE and Disctrict 187 use the same engine for the radar system; map building, and kill tracking on the top right corner. Even the frames and interface is all ARMY RAGE rip off. It could be the same engine/company… but this troll that I suspect doesnt play all the games he trolls here in, just rambles off to get attention on a gaming site.
      THE COOL THING IS, all this noob chat, it is obvious noob chat to the infrormed reader here. So my words and several other people here, are very informative, and these words from a guy that doesnt even use periods or commas…and claims to have played all these games to know they are ‘”fun” is troll baiT.
      You turds have to grow brain stems. Just because I say something in a negative light does not mean I am hating it. It is called critic, it is the reason why you are all not playing the same game right now. Because things are not hidden and over glorified. I DO NOT have to list the positive sides of this game like…it is a fast install…it is pc friendly…it is free…it doesnt require thinking…
      Things like that…. BUT THAT WAS MMOBOMBS first look obviously stating. And that is obvious. I do not like to state the obvious, I like to inform. Again, if you are a 6th grader, or mentally retarded. YOu have my appologies. If not…. LOL

      • “That is all false and makes ZERO SENSE. How can a game not be unblanaced except for its starting weapons? That means it is unbalanced until you rent or buy a gun. DERP!”

        Interesting i though every game does that. But since everyone that does not shares your opinion is either stupid or troll, please enlighten me on why your starting weapons (including the games you did mention in a comment earlier – A.V.A and PS2) are all weaker. Otherwise there would be no point for you to farm for those credits for weapons. I am not saying D187 weapons are balanced or not, but to use your favorite expression, you are misleading ppl.

      • i wasnt’ gonna bother answering but cause u make me look bad and “cut” my comments i will.
        This is what i stated
        The weapons aren’t imbalanced at all its just that the starting weapons(which are permanent)are crap(maybe exept the sniper)
        This is what u “cut”
        (which are permanent)are crap(maybe exept the sniper)

        Apperently i am stating the normal weapons are “crap”meaning they are too weak but u said that i said the starting weapons are OP as hell completely changing what i though and my sentence

        Also something else u said
        and these words from a guy that doesnt even use periods or commas

        Oh i am sorry mister did that offend u?am i in school?no?good.Then i will talk however i want 🙂

        • i also want to apologize for the double comment and for apperently “raging” to someone like cacalips who isnt even worth it again i am sincerely sorry everyone

  7. Actually Zhao, I have played it the closed beta. I played for a month. I quit after open beta. There is just nothing good about this game. No sprint, gameplay is like CS, imbalanced weapons, bad community, Foreigners on the NA servers when the are EU servers, people with shitty pings lagging all over the place is what makes the game bad. If you want to shoot some stuff then go play any other FPS than this pile of crap. There are much better FPS’s out there. Like Blacklight, Tribes Ascend, A.V.A, Arctic Combat, heck, even Combat Arms is better. The game is nothing new, nothing special. I don’t even know why people actually spend money on this excuse they call a game.

    • weapons are fine u can litaraly buy any weapon with in game currency as well as cs for it the only negative thing currently that i might say it is in this game is that none of the weapons are permanent u can buy 1 weapon for 1 day/1 week/15 days/30 days/50 days i buy 1 weap for 1 day play 2-3 matches(doesn’t matter if i lose or win)and recover than 1.600 in game gold i gave for the weapon i usually play more than 3 matches though so i make more the weapons aren’t imbalanced at all its just that the starting weapons(which are permanent)are crap(maybe exept the sniper)community isnt bat at all right now(and in the europe/internation server i play)idk about NA never go there as for what u said about EU server rarely i will see a person have bad ping in the other hand some people rage quit but u see that in every shooter so i don’t mind it.Yes there are better fps out there than d187 but as u said i myself don’t see anything new at all on all those other shooters u mentioned heck even planetside 2 didn’t impress me personally at all which is top 1 at 2012 shooters so thanks for your info sir but i will stick with d187 and 1 last thing yep there IS no reason to cs in that game(exept if u want fashion which 50% of it can be bought with in game currency as well)which is why this game might die unfortunatelly

      • 1) No one care. That is possible in any game. Like WoT also, you can “literally buy” all the tanks, but it is not worth the hassel. And winning and losing for points is in EVERY other game as well including Battlefield F2P, but allot of people leave. Why? Because those systems can and are abused. In 187, it is standard fare, it is not new, and renting guns is boring. Why rent when I can go to AVA and have awesome permanent guns for free? And AVA has a x1000 better engine?

        2) LOL yes! PLEASE stay out of Planet Side 2 and other good shooters. We need you to NEVER LOG IN. Stay in 187! That is GOOD! I can’t image your noob ass in PLanet Side 2 in a squad: ZhaoYun: “ohhayguys I need help and am lost and cant find the galaxyto take me somewhere and the guns broke and everyone keeps snipering me and the planet is to big and my computer is to slow and i dont understnad blahblahbalbh and I cant punctuate my sentences”…
        SQUAD leader: “what???”
        BOOT! LOL!!
        YEs enjoy the brainless game play of 187! I support these games to keep these kinds of players out of my preferred mmorpgs ^^

        • And yet again you felt the need to pick on the buy that likes the game.
          Out of curiosity you have something against zhao or against d187?
          ZhaoYun mentioned that all the weapons are available for in game cash and in about 3 games you gain the money spent on a wp. That is good and i don’t see your problem with it. Many of the game have premium only weapons. Or you need to play for days to have a wp for a day. Your example is WoT that did exactly the other way with tanks only for premium players and with grinding like hell to get next tank or be able to maintain your high tier tank. At least you got A.V.A. in there, which is a pretty good game, but i do not remember exactly if the game has all the weapons available for free players or not.
          And you had to end with that fictional conversation in PS2, that just makes you look like a retarded troll (after you’ve been calling him a troll).

          • P.S.: xGoProNinja’s comment was for zhao: “Actually Zhao, I have played…” so he had a good reason to reply. So some ppl care.

          • ACtually I have nothing against people that enjoy these games, as I have stated before, IT IS GOOD TO KEEP them out of other games. Also, He is officially trolling by going into all the threads and making comments that have ZERO backing, and super mis informing. At least when I make educated, fact filled comments and have spent at least up to mid to end game time…I ONLY go to those discussions. For example, you will not see my comments in 90% of the games on this site. I only comment where I can help people, informed people, smart people like myself and other gamers, to make informed decisions.
            Sadly this does not include you or Zhao.

          • I do not really see the “super mis informing” since he did present some actual facts, but i understand now i’m to stupid and that is the reason.
            Taking in consideration all the intelligence you’ve been blessed with and all the time you spend in games before commenting on the games i guess i can’t compete.
            So how long you been playing D187 Cacalips?

        • You should apply at MMOBomb as a writer.. oh wait, nobody wants to read your absolute utterly biased troll shit. Maybe… MMOHut will take you back? I encourage you to go find out!

  8. unfortunatelly this game has so many people commenting negative about it(like the 3 above me)that make this games reputation bad(though i higly doubt any of the bad comments about it in general have every even tryed this game for at least 30m to 1h)i played this game and still play it and i will keep playin it i hope it doesn’t die and i am glad its getting a new update(major update for the game)its a really simple and fun game to play u just get a gun and start shooting people thats all simple as that which is why i like it and play it and from as for the first comment at the top ur wrong my friend there is no such thing as people hacking in the game

    • GO HOME TROLL, no one wants you here giving out bad information. You claim in every thread you want you play or are going to play a game. But your information is so off and wrong it is clear you do not play all these games or know what you are talking about. YOU also need to learn how to type, punctuate, and line space.
      Any ways, there allot of critics because there is allot of advertisement, media, and INTERNAL hype for a game that uses peoples cash to create an image of something that does not exist. This game is bat shit horrible and fails on all the FPS standards. I can drop 3 F2P shooters that are better and worth your time. But I wont, because I already have in the past.
      Why is critical review and oppinions, negative, important? BECAUSE it helps make a decision. I browse several websites and compare official forums before installing a game, I get a general feel. Here, it is clear the majority of mmobombers (mostly US) had a bad time… I compare that with mmorpg gamers (mostly EU), and then mmosite players (mostly SEA). Then I go to forums (mostly all fan bois or controlled by GM content). Sometimes it is clear a game is bad.
      I got a bad vibe in this game, by its reviews and comments, but I installed it anyway…IT was what everyone warned me about. The environment is crap, the tactic is non existant, it is just go into hallway and blast away. There are so many games like it, why try to copy. The graphics, if you look past the hand and the gun (the best rendered part) is all square. The walls, windows, doors, couches, EVERY object is a square with copy and paste texture image.
      The marketing of the game trys to give off this ‘you will feel like a gangster fighting for territory against the cops!” – no, 90% of the graphics for the territory look like grandmas apartment. Doesnt feel hardcore to fight for granmas flat…
      The game screwed up at start and gave the cops the AK and the gangs the M16, small detail that doesnt matter, but funny enough to show they the piss poor thought out of this game. They also accidently tattoed both factions.
      The bullet physics and hit bowes are BAD! Just…bad. Most review videos the review guys are always shocked they get kills ‘Oh I got that guy? how?” LOL Just randomly shoot in the room and clip the edge of a wall where people obviosuly are hiding, and dead. No fun to it. Compare it to TF2, planet side 2, and AVA, Black light, etc…and although those games have some glaring issues, you can still squeeze a little quality out of them.
      At the end of the day, save that cash shop cash, and just buy a boxed single player shooter with a co-op mode. Save your brain.

      • How is he a troll? How do you know if he plays or played a game? What is your actual problem if he likes the game? How is he giving out bad information? Fortunate for us it is a free fk world and we can say our own opinions.
        I really don’t see why you so buthurt over his comments.
        “BECAUSE it helps make a decision”.
        Good answer, but for a good and informed decision people should read both sides of a story. It is your opinion that the game sucks. Ok. Other people said the same. Out of 7 people that posted comments 5 are negative and only 2 are positive. How is it so bad that some ppl like the game? How do they mislead ppls opinions.
        “There are so many games like it, why try to copy” Exactly. Every game copies another. Most of the games out there are copies. Yes a game should be praised for bringing something new, but imo now days being unoriginal is almost not worth mentioning. It’s like saying a game is a game.
        Some fps players don’t want tactics. Some don’t care about how the couch looks. Just let them have their fun. D187 is not a good game, but is not really as bad as you state, it’s somewhere in the middle of the mmofps crown imo.

          • Cacalips is a troll.. always bitching about something. I’m surprised he stops masturbating long enough to get out these excessively long rants. Anyways, they are way too long for anyone to read because after the first sentence you realize you have better things to absorb than some ignorant attention whores bullshit.

          • Zhao wouldn’t have a personal troll though if he didn’t say such fallacious crap like ” i higly doubt any of the bad comments about it in general have every even tryed this game” or “no such thing as people hacking in the game”.


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