Perfect World isn’t just a company… it’s a game, too! And in just a few short weeks, that game will be getting a big, honking expansion.

Riptide is the name of Perfect World International’s upcoming expansion, and, as the name should indicate, a lot of the action will take place underwater. The new, high-level zone is only one piece of big news with this expansion, as Riptide will also introduce the Star Chart (aura) system that lets players unlock unique buffs as they progress.

There are also all the usual things you expect from an MMO expansion: a new endgame dungeon, new daily quests, a Judgement mode instance, new mounts and pets, and more. You can read more about the expansion, which goes live on Aug. 17, on the PWI website.


  1. I’m curious where MMOBomb gets the release date information.

    I mean, PWE hasn’t bothered to tell any of it’s users, how the heck does a news site get the information?

  2. This game is now strictly pay 2 play in many aspects as if you don’t ‘cash shop’ you will really struggle to advance in the quest lines and level your character. The glory days of this game are long gone and dead. These expansions are just PWI playing Frankenstein.

  3. MMOBOMB could you please upgrade the comment section? what i was expecting to be multiple paragraphs got crammed into a single big block of text and i assume that as a veteran gaming journalist, Jason Winters would tell you that is not good at all, even worse I now have no way to edit that chunk of text in order to break it up.

    Great, just great now with how it reads, they may think i am rambling like some kind of wacko, instead of a concerned member of the community.

    • no, they not have the best or newest games on the net but “And a big piece of shit at that”? such harsh words, just wondering if you know how much is involved in crafting that world.

      So, should i interpret that as you being able to do better?

      if so are you willing to pour years of your life and gut loads of effort and potentially a lot of money, into into the research and development required to develop the programs and hardware running capable of running something that would be awesome today. Risking that it too could also be cruelly labelled as an even bigger mound of turd by the time it eventually gets to a playable state, taking into account the number of computers that have to be able to run that (by then) really stinky worthless pile on its eventual release date so that you actually have a half decent shot of keeping the lights running, let alone turning a profit?

      or is it just that there are others who have?

      at least think a little before posting something like in future and have some respect for those who actually try to earn it, not to mention those who make games because its their passion and love doing it, letting you play them for free or close to it, only to have those who play it to then describe that game with such thoughtless if not heartless words.

      hoping you wont need to learn the hard way like i have and sometimes still do.

      • Have you played this game? I have for a few years (before it was shit). It was okay, but now the only way to get anywhere in the game is via spending hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It isn’t worth the time or effort to play, and he is right in saying so.

      • They merged servers, making all of them PVE, screwing over the PvP servers, making one of the PvP server merge with a european PvE server, making them play on a server time that is 6 hours time difference. All the timed events are now at times when people are away at work, and some of them being 5am-8am depending on your time zone. Peoples character names were forcibly changed because of the merger. Guild/Faction names changed as well. Sure they said they are giving out a free name change stone, but coincidentally they added a faction name change stone that you can buy the exact same day of the merger. Which by the way doesnt work as intended. If someone uses it and they have coins on them. All coins disappear. Ya explain that one.

        The lag is 4 times as worse on that server now. There are people who have high end gaming PCs that have horrible lag becaese of the games mechanics.

        They are getting rid of everything they can that players do to make coins so that they don’t have to spend real money on the game. There are many instances that are now not even used because it is pointless to do them.

        They announce events, and change it half way into the event because they have no idea how to proof read, and no idea what items they have to give away in those events.

        All new content is geared towards high end players only, because no new people are playing this game.

        They fired 20% of their staff a few months ago. Now a server merge that the players were only given a few days notice.

        So ya it doesn’t look good for this piece of shit game.

  4. I think in World of Shitcraft there was a zone where you can play underwater and stuff, nothing new. Perfect World had it’s time of glory, now I don’t see anything groundbreaking to be happening with it, only measly expansions with “epic” music.


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