While inventory management is kind of expected with games like H1Z1, it seems that PS4 players aren’t going to have to deal with it. According to a post on US Gamer, Daybreak Game Company Decided to scrap some of the game’s systems in order to make it less cumbersome for console players. At the top of that list was inventory management.

Most gamers dealing with ports from PC to console will immediately know that feeling of having to deal with cumbersome menus when you’re working with a controller. What might take a simple keybind or click of a mouse button on the PC can require excess scrolling and hitting a lot of buttons on a console. And then there’s the having to remember where everything is buried so you can get there again later. It’s a pain in the ass.

So, Daybreak decided keeping inventory management isn’t worth torturing their players. Now, instead of inventory and crafting, console players will be dealing with differently tiered air drops in different ranges. In one place players might get the Marauder weapon, while in another they’ll pick up the semi-auto Combat Shotgun.

It’s worth noting that Daybreak also looked at well known console shooter games like CoD when trying to make the shooter aspect of the game feel right for console players. Judging from what US Gamer is saying, what they’re doing is working.

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