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Gaming research firm Newzoo has just released its report on Twitch viewership in August, and a couple of free-to-play MOBAs sit atop the rankings. Dota 2 and League of Legends were #1 and #2, but their ordering depends on how you look at things.

While LoL beat Dota 2 in terms of total hours viewed — 79.3 million to 51.6 million — Dota 2 scored with more “e-sports hours,” 33.2 million to 24.1 million. Dota 2’s edge in this category likely comes from The International, which took place from Aug. 2-13.

Hearthstone checks in at #3 on both lists, with 34.5 million total hours viewed, with a much lower 5.1 million hours devoted to e-sports. The only other free-to-play games on the e-sports list are two other MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm and Smite, which round out the bottom of the list, at #9 and #10.

Meanwhile, the overall hours watched list puts LoL/Dota/Hearthstone at #1/#2/#3 and goes down to the top 20 games, including RuneScape (#12), World of Tanks (#13), and Heroes of the Storm (#19). Oh, and if you’re counting mobile F2P, there’s Pokemon Go, hanging on at #20, down 10 slots from July. Remember that game?


  1. ty good they look diferent here and there otherwise id might just say ….. its the same crapy moba game fore repetable retards?! 😀

  2. Wait so you guys bring this up before league worlds? This is International Dota 2 views versus league LCS, like NA and EUW. How about you wait for worlds which is in like a week or 2 before jumping to conclusions…

  3. lets be honest here. both those games suck, just like the whole gaming industry. it is all just a waste of time. better to learn how to play some instrument, train, go to gym, go out with friends etc.

  4. Reading most of the comments below, ALL Moba communities are toxic. You people tend to get together in these types of games it seems. People always complain about how the shooter community (namely CoD and Battlefield) are assholes, but you people are the worst.

    Those guys in competitive gaming however, I can live with. Sure they might rage and have their moments, but not as badly as you scum. The fact that even new players get a full load of bullshit, just because he/she is new… that’s just kinda sad. As if everyone is a “pro” when they start. Get your heads out of your asses, cause right now, the MOBA community is even worse than those in shooters (and sadly the LoL community takes the cake, seriously, what a bunch of hardcore, no life asses in there). I’d choose Dota over LoL any time, just for that reason.

  5. I think Lol is too simplified , where dota 2 is overly complicated , since dota i hated half of the mechanics of the game , so when league came out it was so much more fun to play and i mean i still now in dota 2 things are not as stupid as in dota , but i just cant seem to get into it .

  6. Dota 2 is harder to get into, but if you do, it has more depth and more replayability than League… by far. I used to play League before dota 2 came out, speaking from experience. 3k hours in league and 4.5k hours in dota 2.

    Dota 2 is one the best MOBAs without a doubt, League is more of a social thing than anything else.

    • i agree with kek, i can’t bother playing dota 2 when i can go back to league instead which is easier to get into and have superior hero/skin designs

      • League is for children cartony and simpely full off bots!! system of lv account is unfair and is stupid play agins lv 30 vs lv 1… 0 chanse to win and when dota 2 comes its fair nothing that can give player advantge more the experince of the game that why dota 2 far superior moba. my vote gose to dota 2.

        • I must disagree with you. As a guy who played both games the lvl 30 vs lvl 1 doesnt happen unless you are premade with a guy who’s lvl 30. Dota doesnt come with anything fair when you start lvl 4 vs lvl 50 soooo matchmaking is Dota sucks as well. Not even close to “far superior” MOBA.

          About bots i dont know if you refer to noobs or automated bots. If you refer to noobs DOTA is worse, the servers are swarmed with retarded russians and they are even worse than the polaks in LoL. If you refer to the automated bots they are in bot games just to farm exp for referrals.

          The League is not “cartoony”, its just made more … fresh where DOTA has darker theme with better graphics which actually is cartoony as well.

          Both games are pretty different , the only thing in common is Champions/Heroes and Arena. League also has better feeling of progression than DOTA. DOTA is made to punish people more for their mistakes where League doesnt punish that, they give you a better chance to “come back in the game” . The only thing that “gives” “unfair” “advantage” is the Runes and Masteries which in matter of fact makes the game more interesting as its RPG element. In the end its not unfair as in the end its up to the player’s skills.

          In the end the whole difference in the games is that DOTA has better punish system for mistakes than League and LoL has that RPG element which makes it unique as many other games tried to make the same and failed. No other reason. Harder ? No, just harder to get in to at first than the League.

          More depth ? Nope. Replayability ? What that suppose to even mean ?

          Different doesnt mean “Hard” or “Not simplified” . When i LoL player goes in to DOTA he has no idea where he is, same goes for DOTA. Both games are completely different with completely different mechanics. Stop with whats better. Both games are unique and both games are “Top 1”

          • The difference being, there is nothing outside of a match in dota that affects directly in game. In league you have runes/masteries/champions. That’s retarded. Besides, League is only popular because of all dota 1 players getting tired of the shitty W3 engine and graphics and decided to move on, 2 years later dota 2 came out but players sticked with league. Besides, dota 2 in its earlier development stages was pretty crappy.

            Nowadays, League is just a huge social peer pressure bullshit. I’ve seen it and lived it, I speak from experience. Besides, look at League pros, they are a bunch of pre puberty teens just like the community. No wonder League is so god damn toxic.

          • Dota’s toxicity is on the same level 😀 DOTA’s players are mature ? If so then they are so retarded that you have no idea, every game there are at least 3 guys who are flaming and swearing all the damn time, thats mature ? I dont think so… Runes, masteries and Champions unlocking system gives you a nice feeling of achieving something where in DOTA you achieve shit, its not retarded, it gives you even further chance of customization and …uniqueness say it 😀 . The only thing you “unlock” there is skins- 0 feeling of achievement. Go find some friends with whom to play and League will no longer be toxic for you, same goes for DOTA. Your arguments are shit guys 😀

    • Ex-League player here. Ranked is literal cancer in League and un-ranked was not much better and seeing how things have only gone downhill since I left LoL added with the fact that Pendragon, Tryndamere etc. still are allowed to be in the gaming industry just makes me want to cry. DotA2 & LoL used to be two different mobas that both had it charms but honestly LoL is laughable in it’s current state while dota2 enjoys it’s best patch so far (every hero picked during the International ). All hail Icefrog, the true prophet.

  7. I never played it but hopefully it’s less toxic to. From the reviews I’ve seen on league of legends it’s extremely toxic and full of botters.

    • I’ve played dota, dota 2, HoN, and lol. All of them have had their fair share of toxic players. It’s something that you have to expect with a moba.

    • I never played DOTA or League of legends but I really dislike top over view games so I doubt I’ll play these games especially because I don’t like when the community is toxic as hell like I keep hearing about.

      • Yes, its extremely toxic in pretty much every game except in Heroes of the Storm, there you barely notice the chat and there is no team to team chat 😀


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