Here’s news that I didn’t expect to see in my inbox this morning. Aeria Games has announced that Closed Beta access to its free-to-play MMORPG Dragomon Hunter no longer requires a beta key. That’s right! If you bought a Founder’s Pack, I hope you bought it because you liked the goodies that were inside it since you only got to play the Closed Beta for 1 week before the rest of the world was allowed to join in with no purchase.

Players can visit the Dragomon Hunter website now and download the client and jump into the game until the upcoming character wipe happens. Aeria Games is billing the open access as a “Stress Test.”

Founder’s Packs are still available for purchase for those that wish to do so, but if you’re just looking for access to the game then there’s no need to buy a pack since Aeria Games is only planning 1 character wipe prior to open beta and today’s access gives you the ability to play the game all they way up to that character wipe.

What do you think of this news? I understand needing to stress test the servers, but a week of access that will eventually get wiped anyway makes the Founder’s Pack early access null and void in my opinion. The only thing you get now is the in game items and the ability to name reserve for open beta. Are you ok with just a week of access for players that paid for the bundles?

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  1. I agree with people that those who bought founders packs got kind of screwed, but to be completely honest, anyone who pays for early access to a game (especially a f2p) is a moron. Time is intangible; anyone who bought those founders packs for the early access knew they were spending their money on absolutely nothing. What makes it even funnier is that I was sent a closed beta key by email, without even knowing that founders packs were a thing for this game.

    As far as the game goes, I kind of like it/kind of hate it. I like it because it’s cute (they nailed the pseudo-chibi art style), very reminiscent of Eden Eternal, and you get to collect pets. I hate it because the controls feel terrible, and the game attempts to be an action game with the mechanics of a tab-target game. It would be tolerable if I could map keys to the mouse buttons (thumb buttons, etc) but I can’t, so I hate it.

  2. Wth aeria, you’re once again full of shit. Everyone who purchased a founder’s pack must feel ripped off… I hope people are finally getting the brains to NOT buy from aeria.

    • Purchasing stuff from Aeria gives you a temporary imunity to IP bans.

      Because yes, they will IP ban you if you don’t regularly buy stuff from their cash shop. I’ve had it happen to me.

    • By that time they already covered the production cost multiple times. They will produce another game and repeat it. It seems to be a viable business model. Seriously blame whoever pays money without simply searching online for “aeria games” once

      • It has nothing to do with Aeria Games, specifically, that’s just how the gaming industry works. There is no regulation, so publishers can screw you as much as they want with no-one to tell them otherwise; and with the rise of early access gaming, now anyone with a little bit of programming know-how can throw together a convincing enough proposal and a quick demo, and make hundreds of thousands of dollars without even producing a real product. The gaming industry is full of greed; the ultimate goal of every development team and publishing company is money, without exception. I guarantee Aeria games isn’t the only company exploiting stupidity for money, and it certainly wont stop as long as people keep giving it to them.

        • Definitely! Also, the consumers played a huge role into what the industry has become. People let them do DLCs for games, and then it just went downhill from there. Also, people spend an enormous amount of money on F2P games to “win” or on cosmetics that should be already in the game.

          F2P is a failed concept now. Great idea, just not possible anymore. P2P is probably the best model right now, but old gamers like myself are few in number compared to the new kids that feel like they entitled to everything. It’s pretty stupid especially when these kids end up spending double the amount when they would in P2P games.

  3. I too think people should wake up to founders, kick-starters, & bowl carriers.
    Its about time people realised about those times gone by which was that if you set up a business you get a loan and go with it!! You never go around expecting people to prop you up and spin them a yarn of bullshit for years and years.
    I gave up from when I bought my last one – SC. Its been un installed & I don’t believe in any of bullshit they come with any more as they are complete joke.

  4. The idiots using this company obviously never learn or dont care. If never learn, then HAHAHA. If don’t care… Its not news. *shrug*.

  5. Just another cash grab, i was really considering getting a founders pack.
    Good thing that i didnt though, would have felt cheated on.


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