Dragon Nest‘s next update, due out tomorrow November 16th, will add a few new pieces of content, including the new Oracle class and a Level 95 dungeon. The Oracle is a melee class that uses martial dance and features a fairly short attack range that is made up for with skill combos that grant her advantage in 1-on-1 combat. At level 50, the Oracle will be able to specialize and become the Oracle Elder.

As for the Nightmare Dungeon, is a 1-4 player dungeon that features 3 entry difficulty levels and can be cleared up to three times a week. Information on how to enter the dungeon is available via the Nightmare Deep Abyss Quest guide.

The update also adds new talismans, equipment points, and more. A full list of additions and changes is available in the patch notes on the Dragon Nest site.

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  1. Used to play this game time ago, really fun game but now it’s too easy, dont know why…..just use 1 or 2 spam skill and u clear a dungeon

  2. Dragon Nest North America used to be active but people have give up due to the game being to easy in dungeon plus the PVP System is not fun anymore since player barely come up with any tactic combo for the classes.


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