Dragon Nest is shutting down in Europe “due to the end of our contract with Eyedentity,” publisher Cherry Credits said in a news post today. The cash shop will shut down on April 17, with the full game closure following on May 15 and the website on June 12.

Dragon Nest in North America will continue to be handled by developer Eyedentity Games, where a big “World Remaster” update just went live a few weeks ago. The update smoothed out level growth for newer players while adding max-level content for veterans. It also removed level requirements from dungeons while readjusting monster balance and revamped the Growth Guide. You can learn more about all these changes and more in the massive patch notes post on the forums.

Thanks to MMOBomber Piccolo for the tip!


  1. Since eyedentity got the game its killing it self šŸ˜€

    I am an EU player, “lived” on the SEA server till the IP BAN, EU Closing and NA IP BAN

  2. I dont think EU ever recovered of that server crash that caused players to lose all their characters. The playerbase probably plummeted (I stopped playing a week after) and never rose.

  3. Literally this game died same as player’s interest to it 1 year after it’s NA/EU release…cuz all of the interested ones already spent a year in KR or CN server and got bored to the bottom of their souls.

    I’ve tried returning back to it like 5 times…and every time I uninstalled it in less than a week. “What is dead may never die” is a lie.

  4. Good. EU was pretty poorly managed. All in all game suffers from all these games issues: p2w armor upgrades to set foot in new content making it literally blocked out. Leaving elitist p2w guilds who won’t help


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