In August, Drakensang Online will be getting its largest update to date when Bigpoint releases the “Rise of Balor” update into the free to play game. While new content is always a welcome addition to our favorite games, Drakensang Online will be taking things a bit further when they introduce the full player skill and mastery revamp for all four of the game’s classes.

Recently the devs took to Twitch to show off some of the changes for you Drakensang players out there.

The heart of Drakensang Online—the character skill system—has been completely revised and converted to a skill and talent mastery system for all four character classes. There are still three talent trees (Experience, Wisdom, Fame), but they have been redesigned from the ground up. Each class has a new skill, the most powerful one offered so far:

  • Dragon Knight: Frenzy Battle Cry
  • Spellweaver: Frozen Orb
  • Steam Mechanicus: Tesla Turret
  • Ranger: Explosive Shot
  • On the content side of things, The expansion “Rise of Balor” raises the maximum level from 45 to 50 and adds 150 brand new quests to Drakensang Online.

    Head on over to the Drakensang website for more info and we’ll keep you posted on the release date.

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    1. 2015 is almost over and so is this game, I have been playing this game for almost 4 years and in the last 3 years there were no real game improvements. So here is my true n’ honest review….!!!

      This game was amazing when it made it’s 1st appearance (back in 2011), up until 2013 where this game came to an halt with an entire new dev team.

      The new dev team was and still is worried about only one thing and that is…..”Money”!!!
      In 3 years they made only 2 expansion contents + 1 new class “Steam Mechanicus” and that’s all their work, all the rest of their so called game improvements is money related, 95% of all in-game item-shop can only be purchased with in-game currency, which can only be obtained with real money or you have to play above 8 hours per day for a very long time….just to buy “ONE” item.

      If you still think that this game could be fun to play, then here is another hint for you.
      Go to the US/UK forum and read all patch notes + feedback threads to see how discontent the entire community really is and how much the dev team cares for the community’s input.
      Also do not post any negative/nonconstructive feedback or the Admin/Mods will delete and ban you from the forum and if you insist they will penalize your game account, by deleting item’s or characters (go to Facebook to know more, because in the forum those posts are immediately deleted) .

      Now it’s time for cons n’ pros….
      – Pros –
      It’s free-to-play
      It’s fun to play for the 1st time for about 6 months to a year
      Can be played solo, in group or with guild mates
      Has an main event in every 30 or 45 days
      It’s more of Arcade hack n’ slash, instead of an RPG
      (In +3 years of playing…someone would thought that the list would be bigger…but it ain’t)

      – Cons –
      Extreme pay-to-win game
      To many hacks/bots/exploits for this game
      Unfair PvP fights (it’s always f2p vs p2p class)
      Drop of unique items in PvE is very/extremely low (In +3 years i never got one)
      To much grinding to obtain weak or even reasonable gear to improve your character
      Almost no characters customization (hairstyle, skin color and gender nothing more)
      Outdated graphics (have never been improved since day-one, +4 years have gone by)
      No in-game shop items with gold coins (only real cash)
      No trading or buy and sell system between players
      Repetitive main events, they haven’t made a new one in 3 years.
      (I could go on, but i’m tired of typing)

      My advise to you is – “Read first all info about this game, then try it and then judge for yourself”


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