Duelyst 2 Opens Free Public Beta On Steam And Browsers, Revamping "Core Set Of Cards From Original"

After the original's 2020 shutdown, this revival-sequel aims to respect the older version and add new flourishes.

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Duelyst 2 Steam Release 2

Indie developer Dream Sloth Games is to thank for the card/board game hybrid Duelyst's revival as Duelyst 2. Following the original's shutdown in 2020, the sequel with roots of its predecessor is now available on Steam and browsers for free as a public open beta.

The developers are "long-time fans," as described in their announcement post on Steam, explaining they've "taken great care in preserving what made Duelyst unique among its peers" and loved by players. Although, Dream Sloth has "revamped the core set of cards from the original" and plans to release expansions "tailored to more expressive strategic gameplay" of Duelyst 2.

Duelyst 2 Steam Release

Unlike the original, players will now draw two cards instead of one at the end of each turn and notice fewer randoms, "discoverable," and high variance effects at high power levels. Cards and cosmetic items will also be sellable. Moreover, Cards will be easier to get without spending money compared to the original.

The open beta launches with several game modes: Season Ladder, Friend Matches, Practice, Solo Challenges, Sandbox, and Legacy. While most of the game modes are pretty self-explanatory, Legacy allows players to play the final version of the original Duelyst, and Sandbox encourages fans to practice versus themselves or a friend on the same device.

Looking ahead, Dream Sloth will continue to work on "larger scale upgrades" to Duelyst 2 and add plenty of visual, audio, UX, and quality-of-life changes in the future.

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