Duelyst patch 1.68 rolled out today, bringing with it a lot of new stuff. Of note in the patch are the new Prismatic Cards — which are ‘foil’ versions of existing cards, and a variety of loot crates ranging from common to epic. Prismatic form is a 100% cosmetic change that doesn’t impact gameplay. Every card now has this form as well as its normal one. Cards found in a spirit orb can be upgraded to Prismatic and players can craft them on their own using Spirit.

Loot crates are pretty much as they sound; crates filled with cosmetic goodies, Prismatic Cards and game content. They provide players with an additional way to obtain high-rarity cosmetics.

In addition to these two things, the Duelyst patch notes also highlight new cosmetics and emotes available in the armory, new card backs, an update on the game’s progress in coming to Steam, and a card lore update. All of these can be read about in the patch notes on the site.

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  1. Game is still as boring as I remember it.

    There is absolutely no reason to play this game, even Hearthstone is millions of times better than this.

    • The game is boring because it is trying to be more tactical than Hearthstone and much less RNG than it definitely which is where the fun in HS comes from.

      • I am not sure if you are some sad pathetic troll or just droped on your head as a child but this game copies that pathetic HS game a LOT. HS is loosing more and more players because of RNG.

        That being daid duelyst is a complete ugly joke. Not sure why anyone with a brain would play this dead game. Peace

        • Id have to agree with Hillmor on your stupidity. You insulted Nikola for being a trollthen LITERALLY just agreed with what he said. Both of your whole paragraphs can be summed up into “Duelyst sucks. Hearthstone also sucks because of RNG”


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