It was a busy launch for Dungeon Defenders II on Steam, claims Trendy Entertainment. Another launch is to follow next week, this time for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, along with a patch to clear up some of the game’s most egregious bugs. Oh, and there will be free stuff for everyone!

Patch 1.0.3’s main change will be increased loot drops in all Chaos difficulties, especially Chaos 4-7, along with the chance for the occasional “super drop.” To compensate players who have stuck with the game through its rough bits, Trendy will hand out a bunch of loot for a limited time, including 4,000 Defender Medals and a bunch of cosmetics, including Purrville the Hellcatter — which sounds like it’s worth the price of admission alone.

Four more maps for the Chaos 7 trials will also be added, along with the usual slate of optimization, bug fixes, inventory UI tweaks, and other quality-of-life offerings. Learn more about Update 1.0.3 on the Dungeon Defenders II site.


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