dungeon fighter online

The 2D beat-em up action game Dungeon Fighter Online has made its way to Steam. The popular game launched in the West (for the second time) in 2013. Now, the game’s developer is hoping to expand its reach via the popular Steam service.

To celebrate the launch, Neople is holding a variety of events and giveaways. This includes a 42 day attendance event.

For the achievement hunters among you, DFO is rolling out with 44 Steam achievements. A full list is available on the Steam page.

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    • This game is using peer to peer connection for dungeon runs, so it doesn’t matter where the main server is located. You only need to worry about your party members’ locations. If you party up with players from Europe, you should have good ping.

  1. I’m having trouble with the controls on this one. I move with the arrows, but there are so many controls on the left that I can’t wrap my hand around it. I have to rebind them on a fresh head and try getting into the game again.

    • Reconfigure your hotkeys, for example i have set movement to the usual wasd, one of my hotbars uses 123456 keys and the other erzxcv keys, basic attack is set to Q.
      Feel free to try this set up out, see if it’ll work for you. 🙂

      • I played a lot of Guilty Gear and my controls were:

        Arrow Keys for movement

        QWER for attacks
        ASDF also for attacks

        If I can get the same controls in DFO, I will play it, if I can’t too bad. I still have to find time to fiddle around with them.

        • This is an MMORPG, so having just QWER ASDF for attacks will most likely be insufficient. You can do it, but it will limit your capabilities. So ideally you’ll have to adapt to having more buttons, but otherwise you should be fine.

          The biggest difference from fighting games here is that there are such things as “basic attack” and “jump” which need to mapped separately from active skills and movement keys.

          I personally settled for a slightly modified default settings: arrows – movement, Z – basic attack, X – jump, ASDFGH – direct attack skills, QWERTY – support skills, 123456 – consumables, C and Space unmapped. IMO it’s as close as it gets to what you’re looking for.


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