Dungeon Fighter Online fans have a lot to look forward to over the summer, as Neople plans on bringing a new character and a crossover event with a virtual singer to its game. These events come on the heels of a big system revamp that went live yesterday that dramatically changed and improved several parts of the game.

First, the June system update reworked level 85-90 equipment and made significant changes to all characters, guild functionality, and arenas, as well as combining the Otherverse and Ancient dungeons into the Interdimensional Rift: Otherworldly Adversaries. You can learn about all those changes via the patch notes on the site.

DFO’s big July event will be a pair of subclasses for the agent: the secret agent and troubleshooter. Two more subclasses, the hitman and specialist, will be added in August, along with a crossover event featuring Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku. We’re not sure how singing and dancing will help you clear out dungeons, though. Maybe the monsters will be distracted and let you grab their treasure without a fight.

For more on Dungeon Fighter Online’s big summer plans, check out the game’s website.

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