Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) has launched Update 9. Update 9 casts a light on a gruesome and twisted neighborhood of Stormreach! The Harbinger of Madness Adventure Pack commands you to gather evidence and uncover the sinister mastermind behind the disappearance of the Saltire District townspeople. Crafting also gets an update, with a new user interface that allows you to customize weapon and equipment effects! Plus, there is a plethora of new features including new attack animations, boosted spells, and more Prestige Enhancement lines!

Harbinger of Madness Adventure Pack

A baffling disappearance of several Saltire locals has been reported! Your job is to track down who or what is responsible and expose the reason for their madness. Your detective work begins in the Stormreach harbor and will force you to come face-to face with danger in uncharted sewers. Then venture to a hidden laboratory where fleshcrafting is the core experiment, and finally, peruse an art gallery where flesh is on display! The Harbinger of Madness Adventure Pack is available for player’s level 15 and above.

Get Crafty

Get the new crafting feature, currently in Beta! A new user interface now grants you the ability to fully customize the effects of weapons and armor! You can deconstruct a weapon to make it craftable or just keep a powerful component. You’ll also be able to use the construction machines to create gear and earn crafting experience as you collect special ingredients and master your recipes!

Features and Enhancements

* Improvements made to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate
Social Skills can be used on any creature that possesses any level of intelligence
* New Prestige Enhancements for Sorcerer and Favored Soul Classes!
– All classes have at lease one Prestige Enhancement

DDO Store

* New! Plains and Beast Armor kits
* Bigger, better bags are available to store your crafting inventory!
* Wilderness Slayer boost can earn you additional slayer points when you kill a monster in a Wilderness adventure!

And More!

* Spell Point Rebalance allows for Casters to be more powerful at lower levels
* Dungeons with Epic difficulty have been updated for more efficient game play!
* New attack animations added to a variety of special melee attacks on Trip, Sap and Sunder feats.


  1. Depends on the game. Star Wars: Galaxies, for example, had etrnie crafting professions. There were people who never fought anything they were just tailors or weaponsmiths or armorers.In general, you don’t usually have to craft, because the people who do craft will sell you the things they make. When you do, a good game makes it as painless as possible.


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