Dysterra's Fourth Beta Test Now Live, Debuts New Region, Facility, Map Improvements, And Secure Crates

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Dysterra Fourth Beta

Dysterra's fourth beta test is live and available for fans to join on Steam, introducing the new Delta region and facility, map improvements, and secure crates. The playtest will operate 24 hours daily and end on September 4 at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

The fourth beta test will have six servers across America, Asia, and Europe regions. Each region with one PvP and PvE server. New servers will be added depending on the number of server participants. For the test, Single Player Mode and Custom Servers will be available, too.

Kakao Games had blocked access to the new Delta region, but now players can explore the northwestern area. The devs say that Delta is "very barren compared to the existing regions and there are many dangers," which makes it not too friendly for newcomers. Lava flows throughout the environment and will increase a character's body temperature. And, of course, direct contact with lava obviously means you're dying instantly.

The fifth facility in the Delta region will produce Superior Terrasite by injecting catalyst materials underground. But to enter the facility, players will need the portal key by engaging the "Cyclops Tracker," which constantly appears to impede players. Once inside, players must battle against the "Vulkan," who the devs claim is the "most difficult boss of Dysterra."

Players will also see world map and minimap improvements. The map changes will now display official names of significant areas, altitude, vegetation, buildings, and roads in more detail. Additionally, there's a filter function to help sort through various information.

Lastly, secure crates were added so players could obtain better rewards than regular crates. Secure crates have varying security levels, with low grades in Ruined Building areas and high grades in Hyena and Orbis Buildings. The crates will require a particular Security Hacking skill level and can fail, but players can try again after a certain period of time passes.

You can read Dysterra's Steam page for more information and request to join the playtest.

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