Obsidian Entertainment’s looking to break into the tank-fighting arena with Armored Warfare, today giving us a video look at gameplay action and three types of tanks.

The video highlights the recon, MBT, and artillery vehicles, with each vehicle fulfilling a different role on the battlefield. MBTs are your most traditional heavy tanks, built to dish out and take a beating. Recon tanks dart around the field, spotting enemies for their allies to target. And artillery reach out and touch someone from afar with high-explosive shells.

Also worth noting is the environments displayed in the video. Unlike its competitors, Armored Warfare will use modern fighting vehicles, and the cityscapes are similarly up-to-date. The gameplay looks similar, so will a modern focus be enough to differentiate Armored Warfare from World of Tanks and War Thunder? You can register for the closed beta and find out for yourself.


  1. If this is another game with a WoT progression system shoehorned in, I ain’t touching it. I’ve had enough of this broken tiered crap. It doesn’t work when you group players from separate tiers together, which these games have a suspicious tendency to do.

      • If it does have a tiered system, then I’m obviously not going to play it. I know reading comprehension isn’t your strong point, but I clearly said that already. Apparently you don’t understand the point of a comment section. I don’t recall anybody ever asking you to complain about my complaining. Good night, sanctimonious hypocrite.

    • I agree. Never liked the progression system either. That is why i do not play any tanks or airplanes games. And everyone got so used to it, that it feels normal for this type of games. I do not think the progression system will change anytime soon. Or even Merc Elite for that matter, another promising game, ruined by this tiered system (who though making a moba with tiered progression would be a good ideea, lol).

      I played WoT for a few months in closed beta and open beta. Got up to tier 9. Played all type of vehicles. Maybe i am mistaking, but i have never could shake the feel the matchmaking is favoring premium tanks. When i was playing with the premium tanks i was mostly on the top of the list or at least somewhere in the middle (tanks were listed by tiers from high to low). I would not be surprised for this kind of games to do something like this on purpose to give an unseen advantage to paying members. If they are happy with their purchase and they think it was worth it, they will keep paying.


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