Somewhere between assassin grandmas and Sam Fisher going mobile, Ubisoft had a free-to-play game to reveal at its E3 conference on Monday. Roller Champions is a high-speed competitive game based on roller derby that will see two teams of three players racing around a track in the attempt to score points by chucking a ball through a hoop.

Roller Champions is a “skill-based team PvP sports game,” as described during its reveal, which you can see below. You’ll have to complete one lap with the ball before getting a chance to score, and you’ll score more the more laps you complete. If you don’t have the ball, you can take it from the other team through aggressive physical negotiation — i.e., by slamming into the ball carrier and knocking it loose. The first team to five points, or with the most points after seven minutes, is the winner.

The game has a progression system, described as being tied to your fan base. “Your fans are your XP,” and “As your fanbase grows, you’ll new gear, outfits, animations, and customization items.” It’s likely that similar cosmetic items will be available in the game’s cash shop.

A pre-alpha demo is available via Uplay until June 14, with a full release planned for early next year. Learn more about the game on the Roller Champions site.

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  1. Ugly disproportional Disney-styled characters (based on CG). with combination of Street Gears and weird basketball from Road to El Dorado…
    Ubisoft…what else can we wait from company with poop on logo. ¯\(ツ)/¯


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