The Solstice of Heroes event is returning to Destiny 2 next week, sending Guardians to the skies of the European Aerial Zone to kick butt and take names (and loot).

Each day of the event will be associated with an element, with attacks from that element charging four unique buffs; “Prism Days” will let you charge any of the buffs, though only one can be active at a time. Guardians can use their newfound powers to take down bosses in the EAZ to unlock caches of loot. The more you defeat, the greater your rewards.

As a reward for their efforts, Guardians can unlock extra-glowy armor that has a “darkness-banishing glow,” perfect for hunting down the Vex — or just reading in bed. Completing all armor pieces will grant you the opportunity to purchase the 2021 Solstice of Heroes shirt from the Bungie Store, which still sounds to me like a weird way to gate real-life purchases.

Other prizes offered during the event include a new legendary shotgun, exotic Ghost shell, Solstice packages, emblem, ships, Sparrows, and more. You’ll get one emblem just for completing the opening quest, and you can pick up glowing universal ornaments for your armor from the Eververse store.

The Solstice of Heroes runs from July 6 to August 3. Learn more about the event on the Destiny 2 website.

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