Earn The Things You Need To Successfully Navigate Menzoberranzan in Neverwinter’s Latest Battle Pass

The Protecter’s Enclave Vaults open once again.

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Neverwinter Battle Pass

With Neverwinter players having an all-new area to explore, players are going to need plenty of supplies. Menzoberranzan is a dangerous place, after all. Lord Neverember has the solution and has decided to open the Protecter's Enclave Vaults and grant access to things that may be found there.

Read that as the developers have announced the new “Precipice of War” battle pass.

The new Battle Pass kicks off on March 28 and will last until July 11. Those dates are a tad different for premium pass holders, with the battle pass ending on July 18. Players can purchase the premium pass through July 18, so if you don’t want to drop the money right now, you’re fine.

As with all battle passes, players will earn rewards by completing different activities in the MMORPG. In this case, that would be participating in random trials or random skirmishes, random dungeon or random advanced dungeon queues, and defeating Menzoberranzan lockdown patrols. If you miss a day, don’t worry, the previous day’s tasks will carry on to the next and can be completed then.

In additional news, Neverwinter will also be hosting a 2X progress event. The event kicks off on March 23 and runs until March 30. During this period, players can earn twice as much progression as normal.

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