EA joined the bandwagon last week with the announcement of their upcoming MOBA Dawngate and one could instantly feel the collective groan of a thousand gamers. Obviously, the question was never “if” EA would make a MOBA, but “when” EA would do so. I think the most surprising aspect of the announcement is that it took them this long to do so.

There weren’t many details available for Dawngate when the website went live, but a new video from Machinima gives us our first look of the mechanics within. Some of the highlights of the video include a heavy focus on lore, only two creep lanes, secondary objectives, regenerating towers and evolving minions.

Secondary objectives come in the way of spirit wells which are situated off the beaten path and serve as capturable points which produce minions that harvest resources much in the same way workers in a traditional RTS do. These workers produce gold for your team and can be killed by the enemy in order to disrupt the flow of income. If no workers are left the enemy can then capture the point and begin producing income from that spirit well.

The minions and towers are also becoming less static in Dawngate. Towers which are called “Bindings” in Dawngate, serve as both traditional defensive installations and inhibitors. If an enemy’s tower is destroyed a specific allied minion called a Strider (essentially the tank unit of the creep wave) powers up and gains additional stats and abilities. This can happen multiple times as Bindings are taken out putting increased pressure on the respective lane. However, Bindings slowly rebuild themselves overtime which will allow players to regain some control over a lane and “rebind” the Striders, removing their unlocked power. Hopefully, this leads to closer games and fewer runaways which are often caused by one team’s early game dominance.

All these things sounds fine and dandy, but whether these changes amount to a new MOBA experience players want to play is another discussion point entirely. Personally, I feel as though the controls and responsiveness of the characters is a key part of a MOBAs success and something most new MOBA developers (SMITE withstanding) do not give enough attention to.

I suppose we won’t have to wait too long to find out how it plays. The beta is set to begin this Friday, May 24th. If you wanted to sign up for the beta you can do so here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Yep… Already signed up for the beta gonna wait gonna test it out since some people are doing this with there blood, sweat and tears and just looks formidable

  2. The biggest problem with MOBA´s today is, that they try to copy the idea of the original DOTA, but only that (2 teams, towers, grass, items, heroes. To keep it short) or they just copy everything (heroes, their skills, how the mechanic of them work and so on) and fail in creating something new for themself.
    I really think, the genre itself could use something more than that.
    Its like RPGs would only try to copy Diablo, without something new or innovative for itself.
    The game here shows potential on the side of map design and map dynamics.
    But somehow I fear, maybe thats only because the style is really cartoony, that the rest might be MOBA for babies in gameplay.
    The thing is, that most ‘hardcore’ players really want to be challenged.
    There need be more than a few overpowered characters with strong skills, if the game dont provide counters for that through items and gameplay.
    The great thing about DOTA was, that every hero was special for himself and his skills, but even more for the possibility to build him for different situations.
    If this MOBA is not able to implement this, as so much others failed already, than its not even worth a try.
    But the preview so far said nothing about this, so we have to wait for beta and see for ourselfs, before we call a game a waste of time.

  3. why is everyone making MOBA’s? They suck they are the most useless genre …

    Why not make a first person shooter?

  4. I hear like some stupidly harsh comments from above, it sounds like children chattering like idiots to me, do they even know what they are talking about? or do they just think they know whats going on and pretend like a know-it-all???, in the video waay above, I hear maturity and consideration involve compared to whats happening in the comments section here, such a BIG difference. geez >.<

  5. I am perfectly fine with a dota or lol clone only if its 100% worth the play. i go between dota lol all the time and never get bored. hon is amazing too.

  6. I see that this moba going for LoL style of gameplay and its worst decisions they will do, they should go for something more seriuos then 2 meters tall hero hides in 50 cm tall grass that just stupid, at least dota have dynamic view range, where you can hide behind trees and stuff like that. now it looks like cartoony lol copy.

  7. lol….and one more MOBA. Way to late EA. U suck more and more. The last new Moba i tried was this “Prime World” and for sure, it was the last one. Such a waste of time this game and so are all the other new ones. How hard can it be to copy a game?
    Anyways. Just give up EA. Your company gos downhill. Save up the money u made and have a good life.

      • This doesnt change the fact that EA is responsible for the Game. If the game fails, EA fails.
        Its not like EA made something good the last past years.

        Fifa blows since 2000. Sim City was just a mess. This MOBA now that comes waaaaay to late. The Upcoming Command & Conquer which will make the Serie die (R.I.P C&C)
        All the dls u have to pay for. All the bugged unfinished games they Release.
        EA´s time is just over.

        • Understand that there is a contract behind the agreement from both sides, If EA decides that this game has potential that is on them, but in order to make the game better STILL depends on the developer. If EA BOUGHT the game, that is a different story.

          • Fifa and amazing? LOL. what a lie. Maybe it gets better every year but it still blows like nothing else.

  8. I think this will end up as another MOBA met with mediocre success. There’s already a ton of MOBA games and it’s going to be incredibly difficult to compete with LoL and Dota 2. Basically, the genre is too saturated for anything short of amazing to be successful.

    • MOBA genre isn’t really saturated especially compared to truly saturated genres like FPS and RPG. Most of the MOBAs out there are just DOTA clones. MOBA needs more games trying to innovative.

      • Let me put it the way I see the comments of both of you: what andy said is that the moba genre is filled with games that are copies of each other. What you meant, Gear, unlike FPS and RPG, there aren’t enough games in moba.
        It doesn’t how much games there are in the genre, there aren’t any innovation in this genre, just like FPS and RPG.

        • I think MOBA is an extremely under-developed genre, that hasn’t been experimented with enough. In my eyes, eventually you can create MOBA so complicated and so intense that all of a sudden there is interactive environment that is based on individual player actions, that can benefit or put the team at a disadvantage, changeable maps similar to FPS (BF3) and Strategy (Starcraft II) games. Even adding dept, such as flight in games, or creating strategic capture points so that you can respawn at a different area. Creating a character that maybe even dig into the map and create hidden passages below the map for the team to fast travel through. I mean the possibility is endless. I’m actually surprised that so many people are convinced this genre is saturated.

        • @Throns2Tau I believe developers can be creative, but it seems that in moba, they lack the will to use they creativity. It could be for various reasons. When people say that the genre is saturated, they mean that even so there are few games in his genre, they look so much like each other. You maybe right, there’s might be a potential for creativity in this genre, but it seems devs can’t find it, or don’t want to find it.

    • I believe this is a step to be innovative and change aspects of the mobas, like as when you are playing a moba you see variations of the genre that make them unique about what that moba has that other mobas do not, dawngate’s “circuit” system is what I am talking about, it is its own unique and special variation upon a change in mobas, I think this will be a good start in a different kind of moba that will make it stand out, I will surely give it a try. 🙂


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