With the first Closed Beta starting this Monday, May 4th, Echo of Soul has delivered the last of its 5 class preview videos giving players a sneak peek at what they can expect in the free to play MMORPG. Today’s video focuses on the Sorceress and takes us though two predictable specializations for the class in Aeria Games’ upcoming title.

The Sorceress calls down the elements to save themselves and others from enemies. As you may already suspect, this class can specialize as either a Firemage or a Frostmage. Firemages come with high burst damage as they burn their foes to the ground while Frostmages will be more focused on keeping the flow of battle in their favor using crowd control abilities.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see all five classes (presumably gender locked by the use of pronouns for each calls on the official site and through videos of the game released in other parts of the world) have you decided which class you’ll be playing first?

It isn’t too late to sign up for the beta on the game’s site and, of course, Founder’s Packs are available for those of you that want to make sure you have access starting Monday.

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  1. Something as simple as changing class names to something original can make your game 10x more interesting. If this class was called something like witch or anything but mage and shot purple and green spells I’d be more interested. I mean can a company please just try to make it a little interesting instead of same ish. They could even keep the same skills just do something a little different. Man i thought this was a creative field of work. Guess not

    • why dont you want a mage to shot with rainbows like Lux from League of Legends,or summon pony`s =)),really…..i dont give a damn about any game,i want to play a game that have good gameplay and is not P2W,and i mean i rather play offline games than playing games from PWE for example(i mean like Swordsman online)or that AoW with that VIP system,you can say whatever you want,but its stupid to say that you actually judge a game only by its classes for example(that`s an excuse of whatever you intended to actually say about game).You want something different,play offline games,those are safe,interesting and dont require you to pay for something.And you can actually finish the game,so you will have some satisfaction about it.Classes names are stupid to judge,those dont have influence about the game itself,because who the fk cares about the class name,the only care is if the game have Assassins,100% population that play an mmorpg thinks on a certain class,like assassins,if the game dont have this class or is named differently(like you wanted to) they will not play it,so why should they change the name,make it more complicated and harder to be understanded,if you care about the class name and about skills,i think you took wrong path of gamming,its not about class and skills,its about game progressing and players interaction for example,so the game is not all about flashy skills and crap gameplay(play 1 day at least and after that you get boored).


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