Aeria Games has launched the first raid into their free to play MMORPG, Echo of Soul. It’s more of a 10 person instanced boss battle than a “raid” as most of us know the term…but we’ll set aside semantics for now.

The Dryad raid fight will allow 10 players to queue as a group (or less players to queue and be matched up with other random players) and take on the longest fight in the game yet. AOE areas, minions, and tangled roots make the fight more challenging than any other PvE content yet released so players will have to work together to earn their epic rewards.

For smaller groups, 2 new 5 person dungeons have been added in both normal and hard mode varieties. The Sanctuary and The Blazing Peak add new challenges and rewards to players at level cap.

This update also adds the Replay feature to Echo of Soul. Honestly, I want more games to implement this feature after having seen it in action. Not only can players record game footage directly inside the game client, but the Replay feature allows you to pause the action on playback and rotate your camera angle or even view the action from another party member’s perspective. While you can certainly use this feature to capture your best gameplay moments, most raids will probably use it it figure out (and prove) exactly who caused that last group wipe!

For the full patch details, head on over to the Echo of Soul website.

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  1. I’d play it if it wasn’t gender locked… For pete’s sake it’s 2015.. A little character customization won’t hurt

  2. I have to agree with the previous posters. This is so painfully uninspiring that I was ready to install after playing for less than 30 minutes.

  3. A very generic game, I got bored within an hour or so. I don’t think it’s worth anyone’s time, but I have to praise the developers for making locations change based on the player’s progress.


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