Aeria Games today revealed that Closed Beta will begin for Eden Eternal on June 2. Interested players can sign up for a chance to receive an email invitation to Closed Beta at the Eden Eternal website.

Long ago, all the races of the world set sail from every corner of the horizon, each searching for a new life.  One by one, they landed on a new continent in the center of the world. At first, the people co-existed in harmony until differing values eventually shattered their peaceful relations. War spread across the region for years, until recently. A new set of heroes has mysteriously appeared, promising to restore order to the troubled citizens. Join the Eternal Guardians as they fulfill their heroic destiny.

Eden Eternal’s array of alluring features includes:

  • Freely Switch Classes – Players are not restricted to just one class per character. Instead, freely swap between up to 15 unique classes! Begin as a Warrior or Magician. As you progress, you’ll unlock the remaining classes. (12 available during Beta)
  • Player Towns – Build a thriving center of commerce, complete with your own staff of NPC merchants. Visit others towns to take advantage of the full range buildings. Be sure to shop around – each town can charge a tax rate to visitors!
  • Combat System – Experience smooth, real-time combat as you face off against ferocious beasts in Eden Eternal. For access to hidden loot, reduce your enemy’s BP bar to 0.
  • Epic Dungeons – Charge through a variety of solo, 3-man, 5-man instance and raid dungeons. Each dungeon contains unique challenges and treasures for dedicated players.

Visit to sign up for the Eden Eternal’s Closed Beta.


  1. played it, i’m lvl 21 by now, started this weekend, all i can say right now is:
    the graphics of the game are very nice, i don’t mean good, i mean nice, that actually make me have more fun, the game is also very good thanks to the free class change, so whenever a party wants (and this happened to me like 15 minutes ago) to change the tactics, they just change the class, and there you go, another good thing, is that you don’t really need to level up all the classes at the same time, you can level up one class, and then, when you reach a good character level (not class level) you can change to another one you want.
    you can customize your way of playing even more, thanks to the heroic trait, if i remember correctly, you have 8 right now.

    i also went to check the game score, and it had around 9 in OnRPG, which is pretty good! pretty good indeed..!

    so, if i had to score this game, 1-10? i’d probably give it a 8,5 RIGHT NOW, it still misses some stuff, but, it is in closed beta, so anyway, good game! =)


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