If you didn’t manage to grab the Stay Puft animation in Rocket League this Halloween season (or maybe you just don’t play Rocket League but would still like a virtual Stay Puft in your life) there’s good news. This week’s free EGS offerings include Ghostbusters: The Video Game. This is a remastered version of the 2009 game. The game has been remastered exclusively for the EGS. And, it looks like it’s even been removed from Steam. (Although, if you already have it it should remain in your library.)

The other offering this week is Bloober Team’s Blair Witch. Take a trip back to 1996 and relive the first-person nightmare that was the Blair Witch Project — only in game form. Survive the haunted woods, avoid losing your mind, and stop to pet the dog (because you can, in fact, pet the dog.)

Both Blair Witch and Ghostbusters will be decently pricy when they switch from free-to-play next week. So, if you’d like to save $55 total, now’s the time to go for it.


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