The Elder Scrolls: Legends’s next big update is on its way and it will take players to the ancestral home of the Khajiit, where they will have to defend against the Imperial forces.

The Moons of Elsweyr expansion focuses heavily on the relationship of the Khajiit to their environment, particularly the two moons orbiting Tamriel. As a result, a new moon-related mechanic will arrive in the upcoming expansion: Wax and Wane. The cards featuring this mechanic will have abilities dictated by the current phases of the moon — which change at the end of turns.

Moons of Elsweyr also takes a dark turn by adding the necromantic Consume mechanic. This mechanic allows players to gain some questionable advantages by removing a card in their discard pile.

The new expansion is set to release later this month — on June 27. Yes, preorders are available at a cost of $49.99. The preorders include 50 packs and a Legendary card as well as the exclusive “Bearer of the Wrathstone” title and a Wrathstone card back.

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