Elder Scrolls Legends class

Drafting a deck to play in a series of matches with increasing prizes for each win is pretty standard in online CCGs these days. Hearthstone’s system is fun, though pretty simple. With The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Bethesda Softworks is tweaking the formula a bit, to offer players more options and an overall more enjoyable experience.

The basics are still the same: Pay 150 gold (or one ticket) to enter the Arena, draft your 30-card deck by choosing one card of three at a time, and win as many games as you can before losing three. However, Legends offers both games against other players (PvP) and against a series of AI enemies (PvE) and require a maximum of nine wins — in PvE, eight against “regular” decks and one against a “boss” — for completion.

Legends’ Arena mode also lets you draft additional cards for each win, offering you some ability to change your deck after your run has started. You can read about all the things The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Arena mode has to offer on the game’s website.


      • gw2 wow tera aa bdo somtimes blade & soul…. im kind of bored of all…. im going to quit wow not buyng legion, and il wait for battlefield 1… to try out…. from all gw2 i enjoy the most.

  1. The game sucks. Only thing they are doing is making it more and more pay to win/grind with every update.
    Zero acctual improvements are being made. Their PR guy has the same barin capacity as that ben brode thing so even in that they copy hs.

    this game is nothing but another pay to win rigged scam


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