For the first time since the game launched, TERA’s overly cute Elin class can become gunners. The game’s next update — appropriately titled Miniguns — will arm the diminutive cuties with BIG weapons capable of blasting anyone’s face off. Of course, they’ll be designed to be Elin specific and maintain the cute.

As of today, En Masse has created a dedicated page for the update and they will continue to update it every Wednesday until the update releases on November 30. Between now and then, En Masse will reveal special events to players that they can participate in and earn exclusive pink cosmetic items for their Elin gunners. Stay tuned for info on these events on November 22.

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  1. Last time I checked back in Tera things were desperate, and as a matter of fact the “We make all new Classes Female” only idea played a decent role in Tera’s western downfall.

    • They only cater for weeaboos, furries and perverts now. I would have loved to make a human male Gunner, but no. Since they started this “female-only” bullshit, I stopped playing. That and the fact that EnMasse (who used to run the best TERA) have butchered the quests and made leveling far too easy, I’m glad to say that I don’t play anymore.


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