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Have questions about Webzen’s ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance? Now’s your chance to get them answered. Between now and Dec 4th, the ELOA team will be taking questions about the free-to-play game via their forums, and the developers have offered to answer them directly.

Of the questions submitted, a team of volunteers will pick 20 to be submitted directly to the developers for answers. Each volunteer will choose 5 questions each.

If you have any questions for the developers, you’re going to want to hurry and submit them. You have less than a week.

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  1. What can i say, under Webzens overlordship the game isn’t much and by the looks of it will never be much.
    1. Stalling content. (developer or both of em? dunno, dun care).
    2. Bots, tons, nobody cares of course.
    3. P2W, can’t make gold in this game being normal player but can make as much as you want with you wallet.
    4. Pricing in game is plain ridiculous, especially with gold being so hard to get.
    5. Bad design overall, i can see it left and right.
    I could probably go on but i’m lazy so fk it.

    Only 1 thing i liked about this game, only-one, the 3 stance system.
    Would totally wtb this system in many many other games, it’s really good, comfortable, fun, and action-like.

    • Wow…you would think they would learn from there mistakes from the past .. lets keep it simple if there is no reward for playing hours on hours without paying to progress its a really big turn off.

  2. To be honest this game won’t stay alive for long it be dead pretty soon after the hacker become more insane to destroy this game also botter as well too.


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