KOG Games announced the launch of the final chapter to the Elysion story line in its free-to-play MMORPG Elsword. This new chapter ties up the story that began with the El Gang tracking Solace through time and space. The ending is not necessarily a happy one, however.

The new update adds two new dungeons for those level 87 and above. The first is Memories of the Halted Sun in which Elsword is transported through the mind of Solace. There players will learn the truth about a tragic series of events that lead back to Elsword. The second dungeon, Fortress of Solace, tasks players with infiltrating the fortress and secure its entrance.

To celebrate the launch KOG Games is running an event that will let players of all levels get in on the fun of the new dungeons — sort of. Players can look like the newest dungeon boss by acquiring Solace Boss Accessories for logging in for 10 minutes. For clearing Halted Sun’s Memory up to three times, players will be rewarded with accessories each time. And finally, players who complete Ariel’s quests three times will receive a random Elysion title.

For more information on the new update, head over to the Elsword site.

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  1. It such a shame this game was just a quick cash grab from the very beginning. These developer really don’t want to people to have fun experience anymore on online games.

    • Tell me how? Everything is literally optional. I have 2 toons, both of whom I’ve never had to spend cash on due to events or just playing regularly. Never had to buy slots because I never have to use more than 4 skills. Never had to buy additional storage because managing inventory space is easy. Costumes are super optional and only needed if your trying to squeeze additional stats into a character.

      I’ve had a ball with this game since day one and haven’t regret the time spent on it.

      • Sorry dude this game well became non-social and pretty much not a good game. No one cares about your effort your not getting the clue here. The developer do not care about their community.

        • First of all, proof read before replying. Secondly, there is no effort on my part stating the obvious. He made a statement and I offered a rebuttal. I could give two shit whether or not anyone “cared”. Both of you made a claim without backing it up with proof.


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