Thanksgiving is upon us here in the US and that means Friday brings with it all those sales that make people apparently lose their minds and spend a day knocking the tar out of each other to get. Luckily for gamers, we can avoid all of that and still get deals since MMOs like Elsword are holding Black Friday sales of their own.

From November 25th through the 26th, Elsword is offering deals in its shop. During the sale, players will be able to take advantage of BOGO Ice Burners, double rewards, 50% off costumes, 30% off Accessories, and more. KOG Games is also offering players an extra exchange ticket redeemable for even more prizes for every 100 K-Ching they spend during the Black Friday Event.

In addition to the Black Friday Event, Elsword is also holding a 1 month Attendance Event that will reward players with all kinds of goodies, including a 200% XP Bonus Medal.

Details on both events are available on the game’s site.

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  1. Costumes can easily be bought from the board if you actually try… while we are on the subject of trying. Most people like you complain about being strong when anyone can just do Secret dungeons to get gear

    • The Auction Market is insanely high price. it better buy your own costume from the item mall. I heard many people use real life money to buy In-game money which is legit in video game. I think that another reason why elsword Community in deep sea.

  2. did this game said balancing? if your spending a dime on this game you will never get strong, this game basically pay to win, even you grind so bad in the end its useless, unless your lucky enough to get those f**** costumes.

  3. Wow! I’m really surprised no one really bother commenting on this game. I guess that show the community is Completely deserted. I mean this game is a (Limited free to play) plus it really not helping the Game market at all. Kog Games is being Greedy completely.


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