KOG Games has released the final installment in the Lanox adventure into their free to play title, Elsword. This update adds two new dungeons and 3 new field areas for players to challenge. Be warned though, KOG Games is claiming that this story line conclusion update contains some of the toughest encounters Elsword players have ever seen.

Check out the dungeon descriptions from the announcement:

  • Collapsing Temple of Fire – Ignia has deceived the El Search Party, and now they are after her. But first, the adventurers must make it through the Temple of Fire quickly before it collapses. How much of a challenge would that be when a beast like Ifritan stands in your way?
  • Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land – Ignia’s trickery pales in comparison to the terrifying tactics of the ultimate villain awaiting Elsword and his crew. Just after being reunited, Elesis and Elsword were attacked. After years of searching, the Demon General Scar has reared his ugly head, and squares off on the weary heroes. The time and place to stop the dawn of evil in its tracks is here and now!
  • Players can check out all the update info here and if you log in everyday for the next two weeks you’ll receive 300 K-Ching for free.

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