Elvenar’s Latest Event Tasks Players With Uncovering A Buried City

Help the Amuni scout save his community and discover an ancient culture.

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Elvenar Amuni Event

An all-new event has arrived in InnoGames’ city-building strategy game Elvenar. The Amuni event features a new series of quests that revolve around members of an ancient culture. The titular Amuni, from the Unur continent, have suffered a calamity. As they were building a new settlement, the land they were building on turned out to be too unstable. The end result was that the city and most of its inhabitants were buried beneath the land.

One scout did manage to escape, however, and made their way to Elvenar to seek help. Now, players are tasked with uncovering the buried settlement and its people. Doing so will also reveal information about the Amuni’s history and their powerful feline god queen – who is no longer around to see to her people.

During the event, players will need to search the outskirts of their city to find provisions that can be traded for shovels, bottled winds, and vacuum vials – all tools necessary to uncover the buried city. Shovels can be used to clear a patch of dirt at a time while bottled wind will clear an entire column. The vacuum vial clears dirt on all patches around it. Uncover daily rewards and Amuni Knowledge. The latter is used to purchase new artifacts and upgrade the Echoes of Forgotten.

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