Heroes & Generals is getting a massive update today, as the Red Army marches to war, bringing the total number of factions in Reto-Moto’s WWII shooter to three, and adding a bunch of new gear, maps, and other gameplay enhancements.

The Soviets enter the fray alongside the American and German forces in an update codenamed “Timoshenko” after legendary Soviet officer Semyon Timoshenko. The update adds 14 new vehicles, a dozen new weapons, and, according to the press release, 1,000(!) new battlefields. We’re still wrapping our heads around that one.

In addition to the Soviet faction, the update adds new weapon and ammo upgrades and a balance pass across all weapons, as well as new strategic options and victory conditions for the Generals side of the game. The full (and very long) patch notes can be found on the H&G website. For Mother Russia!

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  1. game is dead because of camping snipers everywhere, they snipe u down inside any vehicle also, other classes are useless dead meat


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