Embers Adrift Celebrates Its First Anniversary With A Special Event Free Period

Players are challenged to hit level 20 before the patch on Halloween.

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Embers Adrift First Anniversary

Embers Adrift’s first anniversary is coming up on October 15. To celebrate the milestone, Stormhaven Studios is inviting folks to hop into the game for free. The game will open up to everyone from October 13 to November 5. Players are encouraged to make their way to level 20 before the patch on Halloween so they can try out Alchemy as soon as it hits the game.

Anyone with an account on the Embers Adrift site can download the game on October 13. During the free period, they’ll have access to the same benefits that subscribed players have. Of course, once the free period is over, players will need to buy the game to keep going, so the developer is also offering a discount for those who purchase the game beginning October 13. Those who purchase the game and want to continue having the subscription benefits will need to sub, but you can continue to play without a sub by purchasing the game.

If you think the celebration only consists of letting new folks in to try the game out, there is more. A schedule of activities and in-game events has been detailed on the game’s forums. This includes an in-game welcome party, stream events, a dice duel tournament, in-game fireworks, and a naked race – among other things.

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