En Masse Bringing Korean Action MMORPG Kritika Online To The West In 2017

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Is TERA no longer your cup of action-MMO tea? If so, En Masse Entertainment (still) has you covered. The publisher has announced that it will be bringing the action-oriented MMO Kritika Online, created by Korean developer ALLM, to North America and Europe later this year.

According to the press release, Kritika Online promises "fast-paced gaming sessions punctuated by high-flying action in a unique gaming universe." There's an emphasis on limiting the "filler and downtime of other MMOs" as you journey to "instanced questing zones" with "the biggest, baddest, most butt-kickingest player character possible."

The game's official website doesn't offer much except an invitation to join the closed beta. If you want to learn more, you can find plenty of videos of the Korean version of the game simply by searching for "Kritika Online" on YouTube. Here's one from Steparu showing off what appears to be a solo dungeon. Or you can check out this highly visual trailer of a wide array of character skills set to music.

En Masse plans on starting Kritika Online's Western beta test this spring with a full launch later this year. Does it look like something you'll try out?

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Discussion (12)

Mr.Ethical 6 years ago
no thanks. played in played in korea server, china server, played in japan server, played in sea server, all i can say it's a repetitive boring game. ._.

Arkanpher 6 years ago
Played it at SEA release [one of the servers had no IP block...no idea if they fixed it]
Was fun at first...but later it just turned into routine: fight same dungeon 5 times and more [depends on relevant quest] to unlock next one and do same thing to it.
And to multiply this we have FTG system that reduce with each room of the Dungeon U visit.
For example some dungeons can be completed just running straight line from Room A to B to C to Boss. But U've got a quest to visit side room B2 and kill elite guy there forcing to spend yet another FTG for that room.
Tho En Masse might hold same launch events with good daily log-in bonuses like VIPs and etc.
Can't remember whether VIP status doubles FTG or add plain +50, but either way it will let U grind those dungeons more.
As for PVP it's unbalanced. 50% players are Freezing Blasters b'cuz he has crazy attack range,slow from most spells, some rooting spells and cryo laser that work same as Saitama's punch. Boom... U're dead.
The next would be Mystic Wolf Guardian ~30% of the players. A lot of stagger kunai + pet that deal 2nd place crazy DMG with whirlwind.
And 20% players play 3 Warrior [Burst Berserker,Demon Blade,Raging Berserker], 2 Rogue [Cat Acrobat,Crimson Assassin], 2 Mage [Shadow Mage,Dimension Controller], and 2 Scyther [Valkyrie,Blood Fairy] classes.
Characters have such a versatility but lack of balance make it completely useless.
As an example of my PvPs:
[Capture the flag]
Ur team get FB player and enemy team get neither FB nor MWG. Easy ownage. They get MWG and U get FB. U still own them but it's a little bit harder. Nobody get FB and MWG. It's a fun PvP match and result depends on either Ur level or combo landing capabilities.
[1 v 1]
U fight anyone except FB or MWG. You win if you land one good combo. You lose if you fail combo and other player use opportunity to connect his combo.
vs FB. U're slowed => U're frozen => Blaster => Round 2
MWG [70% lose]. 30% if player is so stupid to lose as this character.

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Bizzie 6 years ago
I played it and its ok, soul worker would be the more updated version of it. May give it a retry though

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Luthebear 6 years ago
Tera is a Bomb and yet another great Korean MMO is coming. I will give it a Try, but instanced Gaming is not my fave, but wanna see if ita good or not. I will still contimue to play Tera ;)

death to the system 6 years ago
naaaah the combat is cool but i saw some videos on youtube this game is gender locked its like vindictus i hate this ''hero'' stuff i like to create a character without gender or class locked make my own char my own destiny not the devs char pffff

japansfreak 6 years ago
I been waiting for this for some time glad to get the chance to try it

lamak251 6 years ago
Looks like reincarnation of Rusty Hearts. Gonna try it.

great game 6 years ago
This game actually looks good. if En Masse Entertainment continues the ok service I've seen from tera online I wouldn't mind trying out this game.

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