When you make a few hundred million dollars per month, you can afford some pretty good lawyers. Epic Games hasn’t been shy about taking legal actions against cheaters in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and recently the company took aim at not just a cheater, but a cheater using his YouTube channel to sell cheats.

Brandon Lucas, who goes by the name “Golden Modz” on YouTube, has used Fortnite cheats in his videos, while linking to sites that sell the cheats with prices of $54.99 for a month or $299.99 for a lifetime subscription. The cheats, which he calls “magical powers,” offer an aimbot and “ESP.” (He also promotes Grand Theft Auto V cheats.) Epic is suing Lucas, and another YouTuber he sometimes pairs up with, known as “Exentric,” for “copyright infringement, breach of contract, and tortious interference.”

Some of Lucas’ videos have been removed from YouTube, and there’s likely more to follow. In his defense, Lucas is claiming that he is “being discriminated against by Epic Games” because he’s “just a kid” and there are a lot of other similar videos out there. That just sounds like there will be a lot more targets for Epic’s legal team to go after in the coming months.

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  1. Exploits that exists within a game are the fault that lie with the product’s creators. Especially after all these phases of pre alpha, alpha testing phases should consist of people with knowledge of coding so as to discover much of the major malfunctions from either trying to release to quickly or laziness to label and fix issues within the product. I don’t play Fortnite, or many other mmos, but mostly mmorpgs like Wow, so it is more of a general statement…

  2. i dont get it, the growned ups are going to court because of children cheating in their toy? wtf? what a jerks… they are the ones that should be in jail for using tradable cash shop items, meaning, peoples time and investment getting exploited for their own profit… that nobody suits….


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