Epic Games isn’t going soft on cheaters in Fortnite Battle Royale. Last month it took the unusual step of not just banning, but suing a pair of players who it alleges were connected to a popular hack-providing site. Now one of them — or rather, the parent of one of them — is fighting back.

One of the hackers, it turns out, was a 14-year-old, and boy, is his mom pissed off. Not at her cheater of a son (who’s probably an innocent angel, of course), but at Epic, and she’s penned a letter outlining the holes in Epic’s suit against her perfect little darling.

Obviously, using such cheats is against FNBR’s end-user license agreement (EULA), but that same EULA also appears to require parental consent for minors to play it, something cheatboy’s mother — and, if we’re going to be honest, probably the parents of 99.9% of teenage gamers — never gave. Epic also alleges that the teen “offer[ed] technical support” to the cheat provider’s website, while the mother contends that her precious baby simply “obtained existing cheats from a website” and “used those cheats during a game,” without having any part in helping to create them.

The one point where I’ll somewhat agree with the mother is where she states that Epic is simply using her son, and the other accused hacker, as scapegoats and that the developer should be “suing the websites providing the cheat codes.” On the other hand, as Kotaku reports, one of the two players being sued has been banned from FNBR nine times and simply created new accounts each time “Because its [sic] fun to rage and see streamers cry.” Maybe Epic felt that action with a little more teeth is warranted.

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  1. “Epic – In case of doubt we take it to court!” this is a SURE way to get new and better ambiance within their games and surely new players will FLOOD Epic’s game with their presence after these news.

    • Actually, yes. It probably will. I’d written Fortnite off as another Battle Royale clone and assumed it would be overridden by cheaters just like the others. But seeing as how Epic is serious about stopping cheaters and doing exactly what I’ve been advocating for a very long time, I think I’ll give Fortnite a try.

      Cheaters should be sued. I appreciate a developer taking a hard line on protecting the content they deliver from malicious actors who seek to undermine their product and ruin my experience.

  2. I don’t think so.
    I think suing is wrong, it may be american but its wrong to sue a game player over game play.
    He or she are not cheats.
    Its the flaw of the game company POORLY MADE CODE, EPIC ARE TO BLAME for their game was way to easy to hack.
    Epic Games are just making themselves look like an EVIL CORP
    Epic Games need to drop this lawsuit before it ruins their respect in the gaming community which it is doing now!
    Epic Games made a really good game & yet they themselves took it to undermine another game company held in their trust, turn, & use their idea for their benefit for their game, now, who is the thief & ratbag here. Epic know they could get away with it because there’s no rights to battle royale, so fare enough, but really what does this show about the companies trust & partnership deals it equals to a untrustworthy & copy cats game company who seeks law & money over anything & not respect & honour.

    EPIC GAMES Stop being a BULLY.

    That kid is not a cheat & his mother should not be titled as a “cheatboy’s mother” either. As by the law your innocent until proven guilty, which Epic Games are guilty, of POOR ARSE CODING.

    • don’t you ever read EULA ? moreover 14 years old should be aware of CHEATING no matter what form it is, I’m guessing that you’re that guy who rocket thrust scrolls down just to thick “accept the terms and condition” without properly read it, but then again you just want to defend this “cry baby mom and son” for sure you probably another messed up parent (apology mind my words)

      Let me give you “for instance” You come to the police station with a gun, then shoot a police by right you’re a criminal, BUT you sue the police station (and even the death family) for being “POORLY MADE SECURITY”, and then you will preach on the court “I did not made this gun, I’m innocent by the law until proven guilty”. yeah ingest it on your brain.

    • Not sure where you’re from but in America you’re guilty until proven innocent once accused of any crime.

      As far as ruining their reputation… pretty sure this actually makes them seem like an even better company, not afraid to take action against hackers instead of what most companies do… which is largely ignore them and lie to people that they’re doing something about it.

      Those arrogant little squeaker hackers are the worst and they need to realize there are consequences for their actions. Doing something wrong is doing something wrong regardless of age.

      • Are you daft? In America you are innocent until proven guilty. Which is why police can’t hold any “criminals” for more than a set amount of time unless they were arrested WITH incriminating evidence.

    • Are you an idiot or what? Your argument is so flawed its unbelievable. First off “poorly made game so its ok to cheat in it.” thats like saying some shop had no security cameras and no security what so ever so you are allowed to rob it. To be honest im not gonna continue this because you are dumb af. Banned 9 times and the kid didn’t learn his lesson now he can eat it.


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