A German cheat creator is being sued by Epic Games over a hack he created for their upcoming free-to-play MOBA Paragon. The cheat program — designed by Robin Kreibich of Kostanz, Germany — features several hacks including 3D and 2D radar, an aimbot, and a trigger bot. It also offered customization to supposedly make it harder to detect the cheat. All of this was available to anyone willing to pay a monthly subscription for it.

Needless to say, Epic isn’t pleased with Kreibich’s activities. In early June the company sent takedown notices for videos demonstrating the hack. Kreibich later filed a request to have the videos reinstated, opening himself up for a lawsuit filed in Cailfornia. Epic is demanding a jury trial in which they are seeking damages for copyright infringement, unfair competition, and breach of contract (the EULA). They are also asking that all copies of the hack be destroyed and for costs acquired during the proceedings.

The interesting part of all this isn’t the existence of the hack and Kribich’s desire to make money off of it, but that there are actually people willing to pay to cheat in a game that’s still in its testing stages. Now we just get to wait and see how that worked out for them. You can read the full filing in the PDF below.

Epic by Brian Crecente

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  1. SHITy copy paste moba, very boring like any moba, one map brainless pvp over and over and over the same always.

  2. Does this make Paragon Pay To Win (by cheating)? 😛
    But it’s important to know that there are folks who are willing to pay to win at any costs. It may be a small amount of bad people who do, but they are out there. Not just for video games, but nearly anything in life. Don’t let money make you feel entitled.

  3. Why not offer this guy a job for the anticheat with supervision? PC games will always be cheated on, why not use their own against their own?

    • 95% of all cheat makers aren’t actually able to make anti cheats for their own cheats most of it is very simple programming and then the rest of it is info pulled off other sites

    • 1. Do you really want this random German hacker to work at your company with any chance of a breach which more than likely is high.

      2. Do you really want to encourage this type of thing rewarding him with a job would just create more of him.

    • This ain’t TV or movies, where the hacker gets a job at the organization that caught their hacking. As others have pointed out, they can’t change their black hats to white hats. They are criminals, period.

      • Main reason is, cheat making is reverse programming/disassembling and doesn`t have much to do with protection.
        More like trying to figure out how the programmers coded the game engine aka backwards thinking.


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