When Paragon was shut down back in 2018, Epic Games made the unusual decision to make the MOBA’s assets available to any developer that wished to use them. While generous, I was skeptical of the utility of the move, saying that “I’m not sure I’d care about using assets heavily linked to characters from a ‘failed’ game in my projects.”

One game developer, however, took Epic up on that offer. Octobox Interactive’s free-to-play Auto Chess: Heroes of Paragon for the Nintendo Switch is pretty much what it sounds like: an auto-chess/auto-battler title using the heroes from the Epic Games MOBA. I never played Paragon, but I still learned enough about it through all the press it generated and can instantly recognize several of the characters. It’s an interesting route to take, and one that probably enabled small developer Octobox to produce its game.

Well, eventually produce its game. It was due to launch today, but Octobox has hit a snag.

The dev team ensures players that Heroes of Paragon hasn’t been cancelled, so here’s hoping they get their issues sorted out and have a good launch. And if you were a Paragon fan, it might be just the sort of thing you’re looking for to re-live those classic memories, albeit in a different form.



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