ESO Stadia Players Will Be Able To Transfer Their Accounts To PC Soon...If They Have One, That Is

After Google axed Stadia, Zenimax has worked out a way to transfer player accounts.

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The shelf life of Stadia was questionable for quite some time before Google announced the game streaming service's closure in January 2023, leaving many players repping the cloud system in limbo with IPs like The Elder Scrolls Online. That is, until Zenimax released a statement today that confirms Stadia fans can transfer their ESO accounts to PC servers. The only catch would be having a PC to even play the game, which some players admit to not having since they used Stadia as a crutch to play ESO.

As for what's coming with the transfer, Stadia players can expect "all of their progress, including but not limited to existing characters, purchased items, achievements, and inventory" to pass over. The devs stated this is a relatively easy transfer since "Stadia players already play ESO on [their] PC servers." Zenimax will have more information on how players can begin tranferring their data soon.

While great to hear that Stadia players can adjust to PC servers, many will be left behind depending on if they have a PC or not. One Twitter user noted how Stadia allowed them to continue playing ESO when their "old PC died" on them. Another asked if there was any viability for a GeForce Now option since "most of the people who plays [ESO] on Stadia...don't have a good PC."

Unfortunately, it's clear that an audience of Stadia players will likely have to sit out on playing ESO for a while. The cloud gaming service helped a niche set of players access the title without breaking the bank, which honestly sucks to see no way for them to continue playing.

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